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Ruff! Ruff!
— Zero shouting to Minimandy
Name Zero
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Status Alive
Eye Color Empty
Relatives Jack Skellington (owner)
Friends Grim Jr., Sally, Minimandy, Dr. Finklestein
Enemies Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel
Occupation(s) Pet
Residence Halloween Town

Zero is a character from the Grim Tales. He makes his first appearance in Chapter 1 and also appears in Chapter 2 and 3. He is the pet of Jack Skellington and Sally. He originates from the Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Grim Tales From Down Below

Zero first appeared when he saw Grim Jr. sitting alone on the fountain at the towns square. Zero floated to him and wanted to play, Grim Jr. grabbed one of his ribs and threw it away and Zero went after it to get it for him. In this time Grim Jr. got captured just as Zero wanted to return his rib. Zero afterwards searched for Minimandy until he found her and told her about her brother being kidnapped. Together they went to Oogie's Manor and tried to rescue Grim Jr. Zero was lastley seen holding off the Pumpkinator, but it is unknown what happened to him. He probably returned to Jack and Sally's home after the Demon Reaper was destroyed.


Zero is a ghostly dog that appears to be made of a white sheet, much like a stereotypical ghost. Like Pluto, he has basset hound-esque floppy ears. His "eyes" are just empty holes in the sheet. Zero's snout is very long and thin, and his upper jaw curls upward at the tip. His nose is a small jack-o-lantern, and his collar is a faded brown color.


Zero is Jack's ghost-dog. Zero has a glowing pumpkin nose, an obvious halloween play on Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Zero helps guide his master, Jack Skellington, through the fog on Christmas Eve. Zero has a doghouse gravestone seen before Jack enters the Hinterlands.


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