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Name Walker
Origin Danny Phantom
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Bald
Relatives Eltros Walker (son)
Enemies Danny Phantom, Skulker
Occupation(s) Warden of the Ghost Zone
Residence The Ghost Zone

Walker is a character who appears in Grim Tales From Down Below. He is one of the council members, ruler of The Ghost Zone. He originates from the Nickelodeon show, Danny Phantom.



At some point in time Walker got a son, Eltros Walker.

Grim TalesEdit

Whilst Skulker was doing a mission for Clockwork involving catching Nicolai Technus Walker was searching for the convicted bounty hunter. Walker gave the order to his police force capture Skulker.

Walker currently is attending the meeting at HeyLr City as Eltros takes over his day to day duties.


Walker, a spoof on the name of the then-popular TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, is a very strict vigilante and warden who runs the prison of the Ghost Zone. He enjoys law and order and often commands with an iron fist; whoever so much as disobeys one rule from his law and rule book is in giant trouble. To justify his cause, he often makes up the rule as he abides by them and is not above using dirty measures to keep the Ghost Zone clean and corruption-free.

As an act of revenge for causing a riot in his prison and allowing prisoners to escape, Walker turned the entire city of Amity Park against Danny Phantom, forcing the ghost boy to endure the city's hatred until Pariah Dark's invasion reversed Danny's negative reputation.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a ghost he can :

  • Flight, Invisibility, and 'Intangibility: standard ghost powers.
  • Size Alteration: he can change his size at will till 60 mt, apparently only the ghost zone.
  • Possession/Overshadowing: standard ghost power, he used this power to possess the former mayor of Amity Park to capture Danny in Public Enemies.
  • Teleportation: he can teleport him self, becoming a green mist.
  • Supernatural Strength: he can lift and throw Danny with ease.
  • Ghost Ray: he can blast pink ghost rays from his hands
  • Ecto-Rope Shooting Cane: this is one of his most basic instruments, is a little cane that shoots a ghost ray that ties up any ghost, Is most commonly used by his minions.
  • Multilingua : Walker has some knowledge of Esperanto, as he is able to understand Wulf.


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