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Impossible! This is a trick!
— Vlad when seeing the contract signed by Mina
Vlad the Count
Name Vlad the Count
Origin Mina and the Count
Sex Male
Age 700+
Species Vampire
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relatives Mina (adoptive daughter)
Friends Igor
Enemies HIM
Occupation(s) Count
Residence Underworld

Vlad the Count is a character who appears in Grim Tales: Further Orientation. He is the adoptive father of Mina and the vampire lord. He appears in all the current pages of GTFO and originates from the Nickeldeon short, Mina and the Count.

Grim Tales

Grim Tales: Further Orientation

In GTFO Vlad appeared when Mina was fighting Mimi. When Mimi threw a house at Mina, Vlad told Mina to use her mist powers immediately. When Mina was about to get killed by Mimi Vlad quickly turned into his demon form and stopped her. Mimi attempts to attack again with a car but Him interupts. Him then talks to Vlad about an agreement about his castle being his due to their agreement but Vlad retaliates by stating he didn't "sign a contract". Him rephrases but this time indicating Mina.

Grim Tales: Afterbirth

Noncanon ATTENTION: This article contains non-canon information. This means it isn't in one of the comics and also not planned for the future.

In Grim Tales Afterbirth Vlad only appeared in Boogey's flashback. Vlad is seen about to hug Mina.


Vlad is a 700 year old immortal vampire. Vlad has a light-blue skin with black hair and black pupils. He has large ears and a pointy face. He wears a black suit with white sleeves. He also wears a long darker blue cape with high collar.

Powers and Abilities

As a vampire he is able to use all of the ancient vampire powers, although he only has shown to transform into a bat. His bat form is different than the other vampires as it is the size of a tree instead of only a regularly sized bat. He is also able to turn into mist and a wolf. He also is capable of hypnotizing younger women, and can levitate humans and other objects.


In his past, he probably made a living drinking young ladies' blood. Thanks to Mina Harper, he represses his evil tendencies. He has many powers, including the ability to shapeshift into a bat and mist, use telekinesis, and to hypnotize people and animals to do his bidding. He finds comics and toys amusing (again, thanks to Mina Harper) and is very intelligent. He believes that "mortal food" is disgusting.

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