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Name Underworld
Type Dead World
Notable inhabitants The Undead

The Underworld (also known as the Land of the Dead) is the location where Grim Tales takes place. In the Underworld are various locations and Realms.

Tourist Guide DescriptionEdit

"There is far more to the 7 realms of Hell than meets the eye. For within the dephts of the Underworld, there consist many realms of which of the most feared and dreaded beings of existence dwell. And of these domains there lay five known to the denizens as the most cautioned of all."

Locations and RealmsEdit

The Big FiveEdit

In the Underworld there are five places feared above all others because they are each home to one of the five most feared beings who ever lived:

Other Realms and LocationsEdit


  • After the battle between Mina and Mimi the Gate Guardian was shown on the background meaning their battle took place near the entrance of the Underworld, according to the setting of Adventure Time.
    • However it is unknown if Death is the ruler over the whole Underworld.

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