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Don't worry! If it's out of it's display! Take a peek!
— Tucker talking to Sheldon Lee

Tucker Foley
Tucker foley
Tucker Foley
Name Tucker Foley
Alias Tuck
Origin Danny Phantom
Sex Male
Age 17
Species Human (former Human-Ghost)
Status Alive
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color Black
Friends Danny Fenton, Sam, Sheldon Lee
Enemies Dan Phantom, Ember McLain
Occupation(s) School Student
Residence Megaville

Tucker Foley is a minor character of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He appeared in one page of Chapter 8 and originates from the Nickelodeon show, Danny Phantom.


Tucker appeared at the science fair standing behind a stand along with Sheldon when out of nowhere Samantha sold GIR, who was inside a display, to them so they opened it. GIR then quickly escaped and the boys looked surprised about what just happened.


Tucker is an afro-american boy and is a bit of a nerd. He has black hair and green eyes, he always is seen wearing his red cap backwards and wearing his glasses. He wears a yellow shirt and a green pants with a brown belt. In addition to that he also has a purple bag pack in his back.


Tucker Foley is a lighthearted teenager obsessed with technology, getting a girlfriend, and meat, he has been Danny's best friend "since forever". When not obsessing over gadgets, he obsesses over girls. Like Sam, he shares in Danny's secret and often helps battle ghosts back into the Ghost Zone. He generally provides comic relief. Tucker's inventions sometimes seem redundant, but ironically, they will work well in the Ghost Zone, or against ghosts. Tucker and Sam frequently handle the pros and cons of aiding Danny, especially when he's "going ghost."


Sleek design. Gotta love the Japanese!
— Tucker


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