The Nephilim
Mimi on The Nephilim
Name The Nephilim
Type Machine
Owner Secret Military Organization

The Nephilim is a machine which appears in Grim Tales. It first appeared in Further Orientation and is used to boost Mimi's powers. The machine is owned by the Secret Military Organization, which is under the command of General SpecificDexter told them about the usage of the machine.


The machine is used to boost the abilities of Mimi. It is unknown if it will boost the abilities of any other person, but it does for Mimi. The machine is linked to a database which has over 9000 records about super powered individuals. So if Mimi would get a precognition about a crime, that is going to committed by a super powered individual, it would sent the exact time and location over to a Justice Friend that is the closest to that location. Because they already get the information about who it is before the attack they know how to defeat the enemy because the database holds all the current powers and weaknesses.

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