The Massive
Origin Invader Zim
Type Irken Technology
Owner Almighty Tallest
Notable Facts Is made up of different parts of other ships.

The Massive is the flagship of the Irkens and appears in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. It originates from the Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim.


The Massive first appeared in chapter 11 of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. One of the many snackpods of the Almighty Tallest got attacked by the Cluster in their assault. The Mighty Orbots destroyed the snackpod and let several vehicles including Armed ForceDrill Sergeant and Quick Draw infiltrate the ship. The vehicles went through walls and killed every Ikren in their way. The Mighty Orbots had returned back into their own seperate forms afterwards. They boarded the escape pods with the Irkens to travel to other worlds, conquer them and learn all of the Irken secrets. Vexus and Protoboy made their way to the chamber of the Almighty Tallest and forced them to take an escape pod out. Vexus merged herself with The Massive, destroyig the tallest's snacks, which obviously means war.


The Massive is the appropriately-named giant flagship of the Irken Armada, and is escorted by many great ships at all times, except in the episodes Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, where the Massive was dragged away from its fleet through a hacking by Zim; and The Nightmare Begins, in the ending where Zim reported in to the Almighty Tallest.

As the lead ship of the Armada, the Massive is constantly occupied by the two leaders of the Irken Empire, the Almighty Tallest. From the bridge, they monitor all of the machinations of Operation Impending Doom II. The main chamber, where Almighty Tallest Red and Purple spend most of their time, is equipped with a large screen and with a long-distance communication system, which the numerous Invaders and Zim himself make use of, contacting the Tallest to inform them of their progress in conquering their respective planets. The frigate is run by the Navigators, who are also in charge of communications.


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