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The Doctor
Ninth Doctor
Name The Doctor
Origin Doctor Who
Sex Male
Species Time Lord
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Friends Rose, Otto, Powerpuff Girls, Bell, Breannin, Dexter
Occupation(s) Time Traveler

The Doctor is a character who appeared in Griddles' story Lifelines.


He was called by Otto to come to their time. He came along with his partners Rose and Jack. After telling his story about the elimination of the Time Lords a large beam was fired by Barasia and went to check out who it was.


The Ninth Doctor is the ninth incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science-fiction television series Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Christopher Eccleston during the first series of the show's revival in 2005. The Doctor is a time travelling, humanoid alien from a race known as the Timelords. When the Doctor is critically injured, he can regenerate his body but in doing so gains a new physical appearance and with it, a distinct new personality. Though the recent history of the character is left ambiguous in the premiere episode a gradual backstory to the Ninth Doctor is revealed throughout the series.

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