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The Crawling City
Thumbnail cover by merryweathery-daq4xlv
Genre Supernatural, Slice of Life
Created by R. Merryweather (story)
Pororo (artwork)
Published by
Original Run September 2015 - Ongoing
Chapters 1
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The Crawling City is the newest comic appearing on written by R. Merryweather and illustrated by Paroro. The first page was published on September 9, 2016. Aside from being on Snafu Comics, the comic is also shown on Taptastic along many other comics.


The Crawling City revolves around a young girl by the name of Aria Wintermint who lives on her own with a rather peculiar friend, Gug, who is a black tentacle monster. The comic displays things Aria and Gug do in their every day lives, and how Aria and Gug interact together. The comic thus far doesn't have much plot although in recent pages Aria is having strange dreams featuring, The Director, she met earlier in the comic who took an interest in her.

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