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First Cover
Kanji シュガービット
Genre Action, Supernatural, Drama
Created by Vinson Ngo (story, art, line art)
NeoEdensKing (story)
DMajorBoss (Former story)
Seiryuga (color)
Griddles (former editor)
Published by Snafu Comics
Original Run July 2004 - Ongoing
Chapters 7
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Sugar Bits is a comic created by Bleedman and posted at Snafu Comics. The story is about Gingerman who seek for Ginger. Bleedman did the art and story for the chapter 1 - 5 with Griddles' help till' Chapter 3. Beer helped him with the story in Chapter 5 and in Chapter 6, Bleedman only did the line art, while Seiryuga did the color and DMajorBoss the story.

The series started on March 18, 2007. Bleedman has indicated to some a possible desire to end Sugarbits production, citing waning interest from both the creative team and the fans in favor of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. Whilst nothing is certain, Sugarbits continues to update slower than the other comic and may be facing cancellation. However, new pages have been uploaded as of February 3 due to Bleedman putting PPGD on hiatus once again to continue the series. After the passing of writer DMajorBoss the comics was put on hold, only releasing one new page as a memorandum.


The story features on Hansel Gingerman, a gingerbread man who works as a braveheart, and Ginger, the princess of Confectionaria.

The story begins in the realm of Harmonia. Harmonia is where all the good feelings in the human world are born: Toytropolis where the fun of playing with toys come from, Lovinia the land of love and togetherness, Courage Campus where bravery and valor comes from ETC. In Confectionaria, the land of candy and sugary sweets, Professor Çocoa and Hansel Gingerman explain that they get energy called Zest from kids enjoying sweets.

Unfortunately one of the kids they were harvesting Zest from hurts himself on a cavity thus a monster appeared in the lab called Kaveeteh, since Gingerbread Men can only run and can't fight Hansel instead had to defeat him, knocking him out and leaving him for the Tooth Squad. Hansel left to seek the princess for the appeasement, but was suddenly playfully attacked by Cupcake and Mint.

Together they went to the garden where they found Ginger, the princess, sitting in a tree and she jumped out on Hansel, despite the latter having prepped a marsh-mellow crash bag just for that purpose. They talked about that they once were different; Hansel was once more playful and less serious while Ginger was happier. Ginger then gave Hansel a candy heart to hold on to for her, stating that it's a gift she received from her mother Lady Hope.

When Ginger was six she tried to create a Gingerbread man for her dying mother and former queen of Confectionaria but she couldn't make a good one, some were malformed others burnt and in all likelihood it was a good thing that they didn't come to life. She ask her mother for advice who simply explained that the secret to making good Gingerbread men was love, and advised her to keep trying, saying that she'd never get it if she gave up.

When she finally made a good one, Hansel, she couldn't show him to her mom since she already was dead. Bleed Heart then came to pick her mother up, when the story was over Ginger and Hansel had an emotional moment but instead Ginger started a food fight with a pie in Hansel's face, allowing Cupcake to join in with another pie in the face.

The other Brave Hearts came: King, Bo and Brave. King scolded Hansel on his behavior but Ginger interrupted King, reminding him that its her job to scold Hansel and afterwards kissed Hansel. They sent Cupcake back to home to Veggiehut since it's her job to teach kids to enjoy eating their veggies, something that's rather difficult for Cupcake since she doesn't like veggies herself.

Bo then gave Hansel a good luck kiss on his cheek and got Ginger angry at Hansel, kicking and pummeling him and injuring his back in the process, claiming that nobody but her gets to kiss Hansel. The last thing seen was Mammon, a devil boy, watching Ginger via spy camera's.

During the night Hansel was asleep and dreaming in the Dream Palace where he encountered Bo since they were dreaming about each other. Suddenly Bo started to attack Hansel and switching between various fighting techniques such as samurai sword fighting, boxing, and ending with her Ram Rod. When questioned why she was attacking him she simply stated that it's normal for them since they use to spar with one another.

When they were done Bo gave Hansel a massage as a apology for attacking him when suddenly Licorice, who looks just like Ginger, attacked them with a giant shape changing lollipop. They both wake up just in time and look at a picture, Hansel with Ginger when they were younger for Hansel, and Bo with Hansel at graduation from Courage Campus for Bo.

Hansel, now awake, went to talk to Ginger about the nightmare and he saw her walk towards the kitchen along with a giant lollipop, assuming that she's just sleep walking or going for a midnight snack he weny back to bed. Unfortunately he heared a loud crash from the kitchen and thus went in to make sure that Ginger was all right. Meanwhile Bo went to Brave and King believing Hansel was in trouble.

As it so happened King had already received a report that a nightmare had specifically targeted someone, Bo and Hansel, in the Dream Palace. King advised Bo not to be concerned about Hansel, this type of thing was given to Brave Hearts for their final exam. At that time King received a call about a incident at Confectionaria, Hansel and Ginger had disappeared.

Bo and Brave arrive in Confectionaria via Warp Gate and meet with Professor Çocoa who was leading the investigation into the disappearance. They heard a commotion coming from the kitchen and when they went to check on Hansel and Ginger they weren't in their rooms. When they investigated the kitchen they found evidence that a warp-gate was hidden in the cupboard.

Examining left over warp signature in the cupboard they ultimately determined that the warp gate led to the "other side" the underworld. On the other side Hansel was about to be eaten by a Giant Toad monster but easily defeated him only to be surrounded by several other monsters. Bo attempted to go after him but Brave stopped her, reminding her that they have to be careful.

Being chased by the monsters Hansel mocked them by singing the Gingerbread song, remembering when Ginger first brought him out of the oven and getting into a chase with her, getting into a lot of mischief with her in the process. He then tried to remember how he got there and remembered that a monster called Mindsnare the Hauntergeist, lured him there.

Hansel continued to run away from the monsters as he thinks about Mindsnare, ultimately deciding that he had to find Ginger. Meanwhile Brave and Bo finally arrived in the underworld, their instructions were to find and bring back Hansel but ignored anything that has to do with Ginger, as King would be handling that matter by himself. The pair asked the monster that Hansel knocked out for directions but it didn't end too well... for the monster at least.

Meanwhile Hansel had been chased by the monsters to the sea, a female fox, named Robin came along and with no other choice he accepted her offer to come aboard the ship. Though some of the monsters were aquatic they refused to chase after Hansel, as there was something far worst then all of them combined swimming around in that water and Hansel was as good as dead.

Robin advised Hansel not to worry and instead suggested Hansel sat at the bow of the ship and enjoyed the ride while they were sailing. Suddenly the ship came alive and transformed into a giant shark-like monster and tried to eat Hansel, but right before he was eaten he was saved by a flying shadow. Robin's ship, Nemo, said it was her fault the Gingerbread man escaped, but they saw Bo and Brave and Robin decides to get them instead.

When Hansel made it to dry land it's revealed that Mammon was the one who saved him, though Hansel treats him with open hostility the young devil reacts with indifference. Meanwhile Bo and Brave had been led to a dead end by the toad's directions, finding a ocean where Hansel should be. Brave spotted Robin in a sinking ship and although it was obviously a trap he went to save her all the same.

Brave got eaten by Nemo and Bo went after him, remembering too late that she can't swim and thus nearly drowned. Luckily Brave had already subdued Nemo and rescued both Robin and Bo. On dry land the group was wrapped in blankets in front of campfires as they waited for their cloths to dry. Robin commented that Brave doesn't seem too intelligent as he "rescued" her despite it obviously being a trap.

Bo explained that it's simply the kind of guy Brave was, he would rescue anyone he can if there was even the slightest hint that they were in danger even if it was a trap. Even so Brave didn't have to take it out on "Poor Little Nemo" who was in middle of being bandaged up by Brave, seeing as how Nemo was still nervous around Brave Robin offered to do it for him.

Robin also apologized for Nemo trying to eat them, the simple fact was he hasn't had a decent meal in weeks, as it was they werere only barely meeting ends "meat" and despite being big and scary Nemo was not a monster. After getting dressed Robin found Bo's wallet she recognized a picture of Hansel, asking if that was who they were looking for she offered to take them where they last saw him.

Meanwhile Mammon, preferring to be called Gene, was driving Hansel into the Capital city of Dystopius in his limo. Mammon explained that in the same way that Harmonia is the source of all of mankind's positive emotions Dystopius was the source of mankind's negative emotions such as pain and misery. Caught in traffic the pair was met by a young boy named Timmy who was asking for change.

Hansel attempted to give Timmy some bread from the Limo but a police officer by the name of Officer Wart attempts to arrest him for helping the needy, Gene was able to get him to back off by bribing him then asking him to clear up the traffic for them, which he did by kicking the other cars out of the way. When Hansel asked what that was about Gene explaieds that far worst happens there on a regular basis.

Mammon then explained that he's not taking Hansel to Ginger, he was in fact taking him to his mansion where his personal warp-gate would take him back to Harmonia. While the two were arguing a RPG fired at the limo by Licorice flips it over and kills the driver.

Bo, Brave and Robin sail on Nemo towards the City, Robin was passing the time by singing while Bo has gotten sea sick. The group arrived at the docks and saw the the explosion from the RPG. According to Robin explosions were common place in the city but according to Nemo Hansel's scent was coming from the same place as the explosion and thus they decided to step on it.

Meanwhile Mammon was having a flashback to his childhood where he aided Ginger in making Gingerbread men. He snapsped back to reality where he realized he suffered a concussion and Hansel was dragging him away from what was left of the limo, he attempted to go back for the driver but the explosion from the limo killed him. Meanwhile Licorice alongside Ginger and Mindsnare were watching the explosion when Ginger slapped Licorice for trying to kill them.

Licorice however pointeds out that it's part of the plan, they have to kill someone if they were to lure out "Him" suggesting instead they kill Brave, or Bo, or King if she didn't want to kill Hansel. Getting annoyed Licorice called in back up. Hansel apologized for not being able to save the driver but Mammon was not too broken up about it, claiming it was inevitable in a place like this.

Licorice's backup arrived in the form of human sized Bunny Monsters. The two fought back, Mammon using his pistol and Hansel using his blue Flame of Valor. Unfortunately a giant armored Bunny Monster appeared from the ground and nearly killed Mammon. Luckily Bo arrived on scene and using her hooks pulled the bunny away from Mammon, unfortunately the tide was soon turned against her.

Mammon and Hansel got away only to be ambushed by another Bunny monster, luckily they're saved by Robin and Nemo. Unfortunately Hansel didn't not believe her story about helping him, luckily she proves to be immune to Hansel's flames of valor proving she can be trusted. Further more she had brought backup with her, Brave lending further credence to her trustworthiness.

Unfortunately Bo was on the loosing end in the fight against the giant bunny monster, to this end Hansel and Brave weny to help her while the injured Mammon stays with Robin. Licorice was upset over the fact that the "useless" bunnies weare being picked off left and right by Brave, to this end Mindsnare suggested a acquaintance of his from the Ever After asylum.

Robin was upset that they were being left out of the fight but soon got her wish when Red Riding Hood fell out of the sky and sliced off Nemo's arm. Mammon attempted to hold Red off by himself at first but he soon proves to be no match for her. Luckily Brave came in and held Red off, her "Butter Knife" proving to be no match for his impenetrable skin.

Licorice was even more annoyed at Mindsnare's "kitten", to this end he brought out his trump card, he tapped into Red's worst fears causing her to mistake Brave for a monster and attacked him, transforming her saw blade into a chainsaw. Meanwhile Bo and Hansel were still fighting the Giant rabbit, Bo giving Hansel boxing gloves to help him. Brave was able to distract Red with flames of valor and got her into a headlock.

Bo and Hansel weren't doing so well against the giant bunny, part of Hansel's head getting blown off by its laser blasts. Red suddenly started talking to herself, asking why "he" wouldn't leave her alone. At first confused about what she's talking about the answer soon becomes clear when the Big Bad Wolf appeared, reminding Red that the two of them were inseparable.

Meanwhile back in Confectionaria King was having a meeting with a representative of the Sandman about the nightmare presence in Confectionaria. According to the representative there was a growing nightmare presence that is in all likelihood the work of a powerful Hauntergeist. Further more under normal circumstances there were dream barriers in place to keep something like this from happening and that someone turned them off from the inside.

King asked the representative to keep this information to himself and wished him goodnight as he lets him get back to sleep. Cupcake also called since she was unable to get to sleep and and couldn't get into contact with Hansel or Ginger. King advised her not to worry about them as he was about to get them, he advised that she dreamt about banana and blueberry muffins to help her sleep.

Bo was only barely defending herself from the giant Bunny using a mirror shield and Brave was in the middle of a stalemate with Red and the Wolf. Licorice has started to enjoy the fight, particularly the spectacle of the Bad Wolf. Brave got sucked inside the Wolf and Robin told Gene that they had to help him but Mammon pointed out that there's very little they can do.

Nemo attempted to protect them by bringing them inside his cockpit but the Bad Wolf has soon overwhelmed Nemo. Bo had grown tired of the match and thus summoned a giant sword to finish off the rabbit. Meanwhile inside the wolf Brave was confronted by the Wolf who was using Red as a hostage. Bo had managed to kill the rabbit but the wolf took over it's armor and used it as his own.

Meanwhile the Wolf's familiars had come to Licorice and the others, though according to Mindsnare they meant no harm and are simply drawn to what they considered to be familiar, going so far as to treat the smaller wolves as pets. Meanwhile the Wolf was taunting Brave with images of his past, showing him his dead brothers and sister as well as his time at Courage Campus as a teacher.

Realizing his close relationship to Bo and Hansel he attempted to show Brave the fight against Bo and Hansel, claiming he doesn't want to kill them but break them, slowly. Meanwhile Mammon and Robin were being rocked inside of Nemo who was only barely holding his own against the Wolf. Mammon insisted that they abandon ship but Robin refused to leave Nemo.

Licorice meanwhile decided to join in on the fight, using one of the wolves as a mount. Meanwhile the Wolf had already bit off Hansel's arm but despite this Hansel refused to give, pointing out that the wolf couldn't make him give up, but Licorice arrived on scene and unable to fight the princess Hansel froze up. Luckily Bo saved Hansel with her chain swords but Licorice stabs her with her lollipop.

Meanwhile unable to break Brave the Wolf attempted to tap into his more recent memories for a weakness. Flashing back to the camp site Brave had left Robin to tend to Nemo's injuries while he went to get more firewood. Robin asked Bo for help to which she agreed, starting on one side while Robin worked on the other. Realizing that Nemo wasn't so bad after all the group of monsters arrived agreeing with the assessment.

Robin dared them to come and test their theory but unfortunately Nemo doesn't share her confidence in his abilities. Bo on the other hand having received directions from the monsters before demands to know what they know about Hansel. Receiving a snide remark from the bear monster she gives him a kick to the head before running away embarrassed after realizing that the monster saw her... private areas.

Luckily the embarrassment doesn't hinder Bo for long as she was able to deck the reawakened bear with her ram rod. Then, while making sure to keep herself covered, Bo proceeded to round house the others with her ram rod. Unfortunately the other monsters ganged up on Nemo and in the commotion the bear took Robin hostage and used her to stop Nemo and Bo from attacking.

Luckily Brave arrived in time, rescued Robin and replaced her with a bundle of wood wrapped in her towel. Without his hostage the Bear was left wide open and Nemo ate him in a single bite prompting the others to flee. With the monsters gone Robin realized she's naked and attempting to cover herself she attempted to take Bo's towel, annoyed by their antics Brave threw them their dried cloths to put on, Robin accidentally getting Bo's wallet.

Going back to the present the Wolf had learned what made Brave strong, in that he made himself strong for his students. To this end the Wolf intended to break Brave through Bo and Hansel. Meanwhile outside Mammon was trying to convince Robin to evacuate with him but she refused, telling Mammon that he could run if he wanted but Nemo was the closest thing to a friend she ever had she was not leaving him, defeated Mammon stated he could pray or cheer.

Back to Bo and Hansel though Bo had broken the lollipop it's also given her a deep wound. Licorice was just about to finish them both off when Wart arrived, with the police, ordering her and the Wolf to stand down. Mammon ordered Wart to make sure to take Licorice, Bo, and Hansel in alive to this end the Wolf usrf her as a human shield to escape, despite her protests.

After the Wolf haf brought her to safety Licorice explains that she already figured out that it was Mindsnare controlling the familiar. Despite a tender moment between the two Licorice furiously orderrf Mindsnare to go back and finish what they started, going so far as to kick Mindsnare off the edge of the building. In the Meantime Wart has continued to try to arrest the Wolf, switching to excessive force.

While he was distracting the main Wolf, another was armed with Bo's chain blades, attempted to finish off Hansel and Bo, the latter of whom was now suffering from a severe hallucination and was singing the "Marry Had a Little Lamb" poem.

The Wolf decided to be sporting and offered the pair one chance to beat him, trying to rouse Bo Hansel asked her for one final miracle. To this end Bo summoned one final weapon, a Sheppard's staff, to which the Wolf joked that he believes she didn't "Herd" him very well. Licorice however was complaining that the Wolf hadn't finished them already, to which Mindsnare stated that the Wolf has a sense of chivalry.

Ginger had finally had enough and told Licorice to stop what she was doing immediately, threatening her with their lollipop. Licorice however pointed out it's already too late: Hansel and Bo were as good as dead, Nemo was loosing his fight and at the Most the Wolf considered the Woodsmen's artillery to be fleas. Licorice stated that she needed this to happen, as they needed "Him" to appear to finally fill the void they felt.

Meanwhile the Wolf was continuing to try to break Brave, stating that he shall reveal to the others his dark past and break their resolve about him. Sufficiently enraged Brave tapped into his power, his armor gaining golden accents, and broke free of the Wolf. At the same time Ginger had finally had enough and attacked Licorice while Brave freed Red and together they escaped the wolf.

The Bad Wolf however revealed that despite Brave's best efforts it was in vain, he and Red were still linked and there was nothing he could do to change that. Also Licorice seemed to be winning the fight between the two, despite Ginger's belief that "he" won't come if she had so much fun out of this. Hansel and Brave teamed up combining their flames of Valor together and hitting the Wolf at the same time destroying him.

The combination of the Wolf's battle and the fight between the sisters was too much for Mindsnare to handle and he suffered a headache. As the Wolf laid dying he asked Brave exactly why he was able to hold on for so long, to which Brave responded with a single simple word: Courage. With the Wolf's mind dead the fights with Nemo and the Woodsmen ceased as well. Red returned to Ever After thanking Brave for the "Happy Ending."

The remains of the armored Wolf crashed into the girl's building causing them to fall to another while Mindsnare died as a result. The girls crashed into the room of a blogger named "Homura4evah 219" who was delighted to have them, taking pictures of them in their underwear while they were unconscious. Robin made the decision to become a Brave Heart along with Nemo liked Brave and the others.

Unfortunately it would seem the fighting was not over yet, as Bleed Heart arrived on seen seeking to claim the souls of the dead. Luckily Cupcake, King, and a small army of Brave Hearts arrived on scene. King was able to negotiate with Bleed Heart to take their wounded back for Harmonia in exchange for Mindsnare's amulet, which was all that's left of him and contained his soul.

The other Brave Hearts found the twins, confiscating the photo's of them, and treated Nemo's wounds while Wart looked after Mammon. Bleed Heart accepted the deal on the added condition that they left and didn't come back. Licorice and Ginger however were not satisfied, they wanted information that only Bleed Heart could give and they weren't leaving without it.

Further more Licorice demanded to become the partner of Bleed Heart, saying that he was holding back by not killing the others as well. To this end Bleed Heart clarified that he was only the collector of something that came naturally, sorrow, he doesn't caused it and further more what Licorice wanted is not sorrow but Madness. Further more his power required neither questioning nor assistance and didn't need the ignorance of a child.

Ginger on the other hand wanted information about her mother, though Bleed Heart tried to attack her Shark and Flower together with Brave stop him. Bleed Heart was enraged to see Brave again, the burns he inflicted on him are many, deep, and present in body and memory. Ginger however was able to convince him to stop, taking back her previous request and telling the others to stand down.

Bleed Heart left peacefully stating that Ginger's mother was alright. Robin said goodbye to Mammon and thanked him for his help, as Mammon left he commented that he and Ginger probably won't be Pen Pals after this was over like they used to be. King placed Ginger under house arrest stating that she had a lot to answer for to which she agreed. Inside the palace back at Confectionaria Licorice and Ginger were in the latter's room.

Licorice explained to her "sister" that Bleed Heart created her when he took away their mother, and that both writing to Mammon and making the deal with Mindsnare was all for the purpose of getting her back, blaming Ginger for not going all the way for not getting her back. As she disappeared Licorice wishes that she was the one who could stay not Ginger, complaining that it sucks.

King meanwhile was revealed to be spying on Ginger, confirming a theory he had about her and Licorice. Licorice was like a split personality of Ginger created by the death of her mother, to most they would only see one, but to some they might see two beings acting independently. It's possible Licorice still existed but he's not certain, he'll have to keep a close eye on them to be sure.

To this one of King's assistants reminds him that he's shouldn't be spying on a young girl in her private quarters, further more he should visit Bo since he hasn't yet. Meanwhile Hansel has had his body repaired and was waiting to visit Bo with a bouquet of flowers Nurse Jellybean asked him some odd questions mostly relating to sweets. Jellybean explained that Ginger's weapon was laced with a Monosaccharide that has increase her glucose levels.

As a side effect Bo was suffering from heart problems and hallucinations but she was fine now that they've dealt with the "Sugar Bits." Hansel arrived in Bo's room and the term "Sugar Bits" sounding familiar to him asked Bo about it. Angry at Hansel's lack of sympathy she body slammed him. Apologizing about the Sugar Bits Hansel gave her the flowers and she began eating them.

Asking about current events Hansel explained that Robin had enrolled at Courage Campus along with Nemo, both highly recommended by Brave, who had been repaired and upgraded to aid her in her missions. According to King Brave had decided to go to the human world to find himself, starting at the bottom working the drive through at McDonalds as well as participating in protests, however it seems he's quickly moving up in the world.

King explained that the battle with Bleed Heart and the Wolf really got to Brave, reminded him of his dead brothers and dear loving sister. It was a emotional goodbye, the normally silent Brave talked for half an hour, he fist bumped Hansel, hugged Robin goodbye, patted Nemo goodbye, but apparently only gave King a knowing nod. Bo was upset over the fact that she didn't get to say goodbye, augmented by the fact that Brave was likely not coming back.

But the group was hopeful, suspecting that they'll saw Brave with his sister one day but at the same time knowing not to hold their breath waiting.

In the past, Ginger, as a young girl, was walking the streets of Dystopius. While looking at the window of a bakery Ginger was approached by a man named Boobear. The big man first guessed why Ginger was so sad and lonely, but wanted to cheer her up by giving her a lolipop and telled her that there was more candy at his home, where all his other friends were. He offered Ginger to come along too, which she agreed to and they walked into an alley where no one could hear them.

During the time in the alley, Licorice took over and decided to kill Boobear. As she walks out of the alley she sees his wallet was empty, only finding a picture of Boobear with his friends, and throws it away. She got into a argument with Ginger who was angry at Licorice for killing him as he had good intentions, while Licorice said he might have been a pedophile. Licorice however said that Ginger should thank her, but Ginger slapped her instead. Licorice said to Ginger, "If you keep acting like that you will end up like mom", But Ginger terminated to let lico go away, so Lico planning something to Ginger before she go while she grabbed some brick. Meanwhile, Jayce was talking to his friend named, Roy, while Licorice threw some brick on his face. Jayce was pissed off to Lico because she broke his glasses. Ginger was shock for what Licorice did, Licorice said to run while Jayce and Roy following her. Licorice said to Ginger to regain from a dark alley where she kill Mr. Boobear. While in the dark alley, Ginger was shock for seeing Mr. Boobear corpse laid in the ground, Licorice said to move on, but was to late Jayce grasp Ginger long pony tail hair. The Gangster seeing Mr. Boobear corpse laid on the ground, But Jayce didn't care about that he cared about teaching Ginger a lesson by cutting her long hair so she will be look like Briney Spears. And then Lico appeared to hear a word from Ginger that she needed her. Licorice made a cute face to Jayce so she could fool him and ask if he has some candies to easy kill him. Since Jayce didn't have any candies, Licorice smacked Jayce nuts and slapped him in the right eye by touching her hair. Roy in the back grabbed Lico so she couldn't move. Licorice said it's not fair is three of you ganging up on a little girl. Jayce was piss off he stab Ginger but Officer Warthog arrive just in time to stop what they were doing.


  • Red Riding Hood is originated from the comic made by Shaun Healey called: Ever After. She is the main character from this comic.
    • Also the Big Bad Wolf is originated from this comic.
  • Sugar Bits first was called Bleed 1.0 and had a different storyline than the current one.
  • The 47th, and final page of the 6th chapter is dedicated to the memory of DMajorBoss who died on May 6th 2013.

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