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Stalker Girl
Stalker Girl
Name Stalker Girl
Alias SG
Sex Female
Age Infinite
Species Magic User
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Friends Skull Boy (love interest)
Enemies Demon Child (rival)
Occupation(s) Stalker, Witch
Residence Earth

Stalker Girl is a character who appears in The New Adventures of Skull Boy. She is the stalker of Skull Boy. She's a wannabe witch and she wants Skull-Boy to bear her baby, which she wants to use for a sacrifice to become a powerful magician.


She stalks Skull Boy the whole time during the story. She first was seen when she sent a latter to Skull Boy and then afterwards jumped against the window and was immediately shot by Skull Boy. She ws later seen disguising herself while she followed Skull Kid to the Seven Circles of Pizza. There she watched him through the window but got attacked by Demon Child.


She is a white girl with blonde hair and two ponytails. She wears a long black dress and has two little skulls in her hair.


Stalker Girls is just that, a stalker. She follows Skullboy throughtout the comic and dosen't mind being abused by skullboy. Beyond that the rest of her personality is unkown.

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