Snake Slaves
Snake slaves
Name Snake Slaves
Species Snake
Occupation(s) Servants
Residence Hell

The Snake Slaves are the minions and Servants of Satan Kitty and are minor characters of The New Adventures of Skull Boy.


Their first appearance was along side of Satan Kitty in her lair, while monitoring the activity inside Seven Circles of Pizza through Ira's eyeball, using the psychic powers of one of her Snake Slaves. It is known that some snakes also speak, like the scientist, and not all act only as butlers.


The Snake Slaves have the bodies of a snake, along with long snake tongues that hang off their lips constantly. Attached to their snake bodies, they also have arms with claws attaches, and their elbows are almost always bent. giving their limbs a crab-like appearance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though their purpose is mainly limited to menial tasks, it has been established that some of their kind have psychic abilities and can be used as translators. However, since the snakes cannot speak, they need to use a psychic translator for their psychic translators.


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