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Name Slash
Alias Sensei
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Blank
Friends Master Sensei, Sue, Ninju, Jam
Enemies TIN (rival)
Occupation(s) Ninja

Slash is a main character of TIN the Incompetent Ninja. He also acts as the main antoganist for TIN.


Slash first appeared when he was introduced by Master Sensei to be the new sensei of the ninja school after Mr. Miyaoi committed suicide. Slash went to TIN and asked if he also was a teacher at the ninja school. After TIN told he was still a student the situation became awkward. Slash trained the ninja's but when TIN burned down the ninja oprhanage he sent TIN back to elementary school.

Slash was seen again with Master Sensei who said he needed to get TIN. When Master Sensei discovered that TIN was teacher at the elementary school he said Slash maybe had an extra chromoson. He sent Slash to get TIN and join the Samurai War Warriors.


Like all the ninja's Slash wears a gray ninja suit with a red band. He wears gray slippers and wears a red band in front of his eyes but you can see his blank eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Slash is a professional ninja. He has mastered teleporting, fire breathing and throwing projectiles.

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