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...You're kidding, right?
—  Skulker when getting attacked by Mimi
Skulker GT
Name Skulker
Origin Danny Phantom
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Status Unknown
Eye Color Electric Green
Hair Color Electric Green
Friends Ember McLain
Enemies Chi, Mimi, Dan Phantom, Danny Fenton
Occupation(s) Hunter
Residence The Ghost Zone

Skulker is a character who appears in Grim Tales. He first appears in the beginning of chapter 9. He is a ghost from the Ghost Zone. He originates from the Nickelodeon series, Danny Phantom show.


The events of Skulker may not be in chronological order.

Skulker is send on a mission by Clockwork for a very high reward. He ends up in a bar at the border of the City of Aku. As he enters everyone leaves, the waiter, Skyla, is angry as they all hadn't paid. She pours him coffee and comments that his type always try to intimidating. Skyla goes to get his order from Nooma, who had it prepared already. Skulker displays that he has caught a human-ghost in his thermos, Skyla goes on that her mother was a powerful bounty hunter that supposedly captured Skaath's corax and how she wants to be a bounty hunter too.

It is then when Technus enters the bar after being told Skulker is there. He plans to turn Skulker into his drone so he can conquer the Underworld. Skulker however is there to collect him as well. A fight commences between the two, Skyla getting caught in between. Nooma gets hit and Skyla wants to go to him, Skulker covering for her. Unfortunately Technus manages to land a fatal blow on Skyla. Skulker hits Technus as well followed by an EMP which electrocutes him, Skulker catches him in the thermos and leaves the dead Skyla behind with Nooma.

As he exits the bar he reports to Clockwork that he completed the task. Clockwork commenting he is not done yet. Walker approaches with the police, having been alerted by his son Eltros. They take aim at him and Walker orders his police to capture him.

Some time after Chi's concert, she is walking through a dark alley accompanied by her body guards. After having killed most of the guards Skulker explains to the final one that he's trying to start a war before he crushes his skull. Catching Mimi's attention Skulker instructs her to leave them be as there's nothing there that's any of her concern. Mimi attempts to attack Skulker, unimpressed Skulker simply disables her with a tazer. Luckily for both Mimi and Chi, Aku arrived on the scene, with Demongo, and was furious that his daughter was being attacked.


Skulker remains to have most of his looks from the original show. Like most characters he is very muscled, although that is just his robotic suit. He has electric green flamy hair that reaches down his neck, and a goatee. He also has electric green eyes and even an electric green tongue.

His black tank top became more like a chest armor, but other than that his 'clothing' remains the same. He has a shoulder plate on his right shoulder. He wears two dark gray gloves, and in the same color, a strap diagonally around his chest, which has a big blue orb in the middle. His belt has a blue S on the buckle. He has a holster attached to it with a gun in it. He wears black pants, and high gray boots with a blue line over the middle of it. In addition to that he also wears a necklace with a blue skull hanging on it.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Robotic Suit: Skulker has ghost powers (invisibility, flight, intangibility, and overshadowing). As evidenced in "Micro-Management", however, he doesn't really rely on them, preferring instead to use the various weaponry embedded in his suit, however he is shown to go invisible and intangible a lot, and even though he can fly he uses a jet pack on his suit.

His one weakness is that he is just a tiny ghost with a squeaky voice in a robotic suit. The suit itself is also easy to hack into by means of devices like PDAs, and when the suit is compromised, like in "One of a Kind" or "Micro Management", Skulker is left helpless.


Skulker is a major recurring antagonist of the TV show Danny Phantom. A small ghost blob who wears a big battle suit, he is a predator who hunts down rare and unique things. He often is targeting Danny because he is a rare being, a half-ghost to be specific. He has been one of the most prominent villains of the show.

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