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Skeleton Guards
A skeleton guard holding Mandy's gun.
Name Skeleton Guards
Alias Royal Guards
Sex Male
Species Fire Horse
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Fire
Friends Lord Pain, Mandy, Grim Reaper, Grim Jr., Minimandy, Mimi
Enemies Demon Reaper, Mimi (former)
Occupation(s) Guards
Residence Castle of Grim, Underworld

Skeleton Guards are minor characters in Grim Tales. It has been shown that the skeleton guard each have an own personality, and aren't just lifeless guards like they seem to be on first sight. In chapter IV it was even shown that skeleton guards also have names, which should be so because they all are different in personality.

Grim TalesEdit

The Royal Guards were first shown in Grim Tales from Down Below. They came along with Lord Pain when he was called by Mandy. However most of them were destroyed by the Demon Reaper.

Later in What About Mimi?, the real skeleton guards appeared at Grim's Castle who resemble skeletons with armor, instead of the fire horses. On command of Lord Pain they fought Mimi but were easily killed by her. They were also briefly seen when Mimi entered the castle.

They return more in later chapters, giving more information about them. In chapter VIII a few of the guards were used as dummy's with apples on their heads for Minnie to practice her archery skills on. Later one of the skeleton guards noticed that Mimi was going to walk off the castle and alarmed Mandy and Minnie of it. When Grim Jr. saved Mimi, and again when Mandy shot the line of his grapple gun, she handed the gun over to a skeleton guard.

In chapter IV one of the skeleton guards, William, was seen walking by with a mirror underneath his arm for Minnie. He said it was the fifth mirror she broke in a week.


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