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Shish-Koom Bahmon
Name Shish-Koom Bahmon
Sex Male
Species Yu-Gi-Hoe
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Relatives L.D.G. (creator)
Friends Eight-Bit
Occupation(s) Pet

Shish-Koom Bahmon is a minor character in The New Adventures of Skull Boy. He is the pet of Eight-Bit and was created by L.D.G.


He was summoned out of his box by 8-Bit and had to destroy his door but failed in doing it. He then travelled along with 8-Bit to meet Skull Boy, where 8-Bit explained that, because of him, he couldn't get out. It was revealed by Skull Boy that Shish-Koom Bahmon was created by L.D.G. and was given to 8-Bit as present.


Shish-Koom Bahmon is a dark orange creature. He mostly resembles Pikachu but is often referred as a Yu-Gi-Oh monster. He has three stripes on his back and long pointy ears, just like Pikachu. He also has a devil tail. He has sharp teeth, and yellow eyes with black pupils.

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