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Even if RFB, gonna respect the mint-condition packaging.
— Sheldon to Tucker

Sheldon Oswald Lee
Name Sheldon Oswald Lee
Alias Shel
The Silver Shell
Origin My Life as a Teenage Robot
Sex Male
Age 16 (105 if you count space years)
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Onyx
Hair Color Black
Friends Noreen Wakeman, Jenny(crush), Tucker Foley
Enemies Vexus, Cluster
Occupation(s) School Student
Lab Assistant
The Silver Shell
Residence Megaville

Sheldon Lee is a character that appeared in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He is the assistant of Nora Wakeman. He only made small appearances in chapter 2 and 8. He is originated from the Nickelodeon show, My Life as a Teenage Robot.


Sheldon was first seen when he helped Mrs. Wakeman fix the one armed Jenny.

He later appeared at the science fair along with Tucker where they accidently released GIR from it's box thinking it was a toy robot.


Sheldon wears blue trousers with a white shirt and brow hoodie jacket. He has long black hair and black eyes. Although to his appearance in the series he has no pimples in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi or having freckles in the early chapters of this webcomic.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being skilled in robotics, Sheldon has created gadgets and modifications for Jenny, usually very unnecessarily bulky and extravagant, as well as doing minor repair work. He has even done more extreme modifications when requested by XJ9, usually when Dr. Wakeman refuses to do them herself.

His very amazing skills of robotics and technology has led him to his creation of a robotic superhero-esque alter-ego that really goes by the name, The Silver Shell. Sheldon originally created the identity of The Silver Shell in an attempt to convince and prove to Jenny that all robot boys were complete jerks, though this plan to win her heart completely backfires when Jenny somehow falls head over heels in love with him and her affection for the robot grew even greater and more stronger than anyone could have imagined. As a hero, the Silver Shell has an imposing appearance, a 'smooth' yet demeanor personality, and an extraordinary excess of great confidence, of which all of the qualities that Sheldon himself lacks in his very normal sterotypical teenage nerd apperance.


Though not as heavily featured as the rest of the main cast, Sheldon Oswald Lee (voiced by Quinton Flynn) arguably qualifies as a core member of the group. Sheldon is Jenny's self-proclaimed romantic admirer. (Although he is an Assyrian.) However, no matter what he tries, Jenny still refuses his romantic advances, though she does care for him as a friend. In an interview, Robert Renzetti revealed he and his team would have loved to have seen Jenny and Sheldon as a couple before the series premature cancellation.

Although his age in the series is confirmed to be 15, a mishap in the space-time continuum caused him to live 75 years in space, doing odd jobs to earn money, and even captaining a space pirate ship. Due to the theory of relativity, he returns to Earth as an old man, while Jenny and the others haven't aged a day. Using Wakeman's age reverser, Jenny accidentally de-ages him into an infant. His space pirate crew returns and takes him into space to age him further. One day later he is 15 again. Therefore, his true age is 105.


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