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Seraph Quintaine
Name Seraph Quintaine
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black w/ highlights of blonde
Relatives Blaze (mother), Nangxi/Bryant (Father), Biohazard and Blood (aunts), Lexine and Roxanne (Cousins)
Friends Lexine, Roxanne, Aisling
Occupation(s) School Student
Residence His parental home

Seraph Quintaine is a character made and owned by Griddles and XDisaX. Seraph is the son of Blaze and Calamity's character Bryant.


Seraph is very ambitious and shows this by his strong-headed determination when hanging around with other people. He's a show off, and is proud of this. Because of Blaze's genetic hardships not being passed down to him, thankfully, he's able to use all of his powers given from her, and thus adds more to his ego that he's gotten. Nevertheless, his mother has taught him to be ample with his abilities and use them for the greater good; which is why he looks up to his own aunt, Blood, with glee.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He shares his mother's abilities which is controlling Nature's four-Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Like his mother, he can't access the Mother elements but doesn't fully need them in order to fight. Seraph does not struggle with his powers like his mother, so he's free at will being able to activate the powers as he wishes. Fire is his favorite element, which is where his namesake came from, seeing that Blaze shares the same love for fire and warmth.



  • He is good friends with Lexine and Roxanne because their parents are good friends and because he was in a kids club together with the two girls.
  • He is somewhat shy around family because he is one of few boys and the only boy of his age.
  • Even though Seraph did not inherit any of Blaze's hindering abilities, he did obtain a sort of Dyslexia, possibly in the form of the genetic hardship that Blaze had. It hinders his reading capabilities unfortunately.
  • Seraph's name also references fire just like Blaze's. It is a short variant of Seraphim, a name of Hebrew origin meaning "Burning Ones". Blaze wanted to stay close to her love of fire and thus gave it to Seraph.
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