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Satan Kitty
Satan Kitty
Name Satan Kitty
Sex Female
Age Infinite
Species Devil
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brunette/Red
Relatives Demon Child (brother), Satan (father)
Occupation(s) Princess of Hell
Residence Hell

Satan Kitty is a main character of The New Adventures of Skull Boy. She is the daughter of Satan and is the older sister of Demon Child.

Satan Kitty is owned by artist Kinonaru89 (alias "Blue). Skull-Boy666, artist of The New Adventures of Skull Boy, has special permission from Kinonaru89 to use her in his webcomic.


Satan Kitty first appeared with her Snake Slaves as they reported to her the findings of a scroll that is linked to the creation of Goo 34, which caused a magical anomaly that concerns her. Using the Snake Slaves's psychic abilities to interrogate Ira, they discovered the location of her long lost brother, Demon Child, who she had thought to be dead or gone.

It has also been hinted at that she has a relationship with the character Kerry in the comic's future, but has only shown through concept drawings from the Skull-Boy Deviant Art Page


Satan Kitty is a pale skinned devil with large grey horns, long fangs and large bat wings. Her hair is half Brunette on top and half Red on bottom. She wears blades on her upper arms with fire that emits from them. She wears long, red, fingerless gloves and a long black dress with the shape of an upside down cross on its front, with matching black boots that also have upside down crosses on them.


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