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Realm of Malebolgia
Name Realm of Malebolgia
Type Demon World
Ruler Malebolgia
Location Underworld
Notable inhabitants Phlebiac Brothers

The Realm of Malebolgia is a location from the Underworld which appears in Grim Tales From Down Below.


Grim Jr. and Minimandy visit this place to pluck some Necropollins, until they got interupped by Violator who attacks them only to be saved by Spawn, who then cuts his left hand off.

Grim Jr. then tells their story to Spawn about their adventure from the last three days.


  • According to the Spawn franchise, Malebolgia is part of the 8 Hell of the Underworld. However in the tourist guide it says there are only 7 realms within the Underworld.
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