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Sir you are under arrest.
— Warthog
Officer Wart
Officer Wart
Name Officer Wart
Sex Male
Species Humanoid Boar
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Friends Gene
Enemies Big Bad Wolf
Occupation(s) Police
Residence Dystopius

Officer Wart is a minor character from Sugar Bits. He is one of the police officers of Dystopius and seems to be the one mainly in charge.


Wart first appeared when he wanted to arrest Hansel because he helped Timmy, a poor boy, by giving some food. He explained that it was forbidden to act nice to people in Dystopius. However Gene gave him some money and he leaves as if nothing had happened.

Later he appeared when Gene called him and his fellow troops to help them out. He and his troops attacked the Big Bad Wolf with rattling guns, tanks and grenades, but it only seemed to have minor effect. When the wolfs were defeated and after the encounter of Bleed Heart, Warthog said that Gene was under his custody and that he would be treated by him and brought him home.

He appeared again in Melancholy where he stopped Jayce from attacking Licorice again.


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