090324 mypanda
Genre Randomness
Created by David Stanworth
Published by
Original Run March 2009 - May 2009
Chapters 1
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MyPanda is a small meme comic created by David Stanworth. It says what Dave's panda likes and dislikes, and things that happened to him. Other comics of Dave like; Snafu Comics and TIN the Incompetent Ninja also appear in the memes. Also a lot of other refrences are made in the memes to popular things. The comic started on 24 March of 2009 and ended two months later on nine May 2009. The comic might be cancelled or just finished, but since there was not a plot in the comic it probably is finished now.

There are refrences to; Naruto, Super Mario Bros., Spider-Man 3, Star Trek, Chuck Norris, Up, The Four Horsemen, Ponyo, How to Train Your Dragon, Peggle and Twitter.


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MyPanda at Snafu Comics

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