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Mindsnare Gallery Quotes
Follow, little pawn... Follow me into the rabbit hole and i will show you our wonderland.
— Mindsnare to Hansel
Name Mindsnare
Sex Male
Species Haunterheist
Status Deceased
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Purple
Friends Licorice (former), Humpty Dumpty
Enemies Hansel, Brave, Bo, Gene, Robin
Residence Dystopius

Mindsnare is a major antagonist from Sugar Bits.


He first appeared when he took Hansel to the Underworld.

He later appeared alongside with Licorice and Ginger on top of a building in the city. He summons Red Riding Hood along with the Big Bad Wolf to attack the others.

When the wolfs are defeated Mindsnare gets weaker. Eventually all the wolfs were defeated and one crashed into the building he was standing on and fell to his death. Later his amulet was found by King who gave it to Bleed Heart in exchange for letting Bo live.

He later spawned out of the amulet as a ghost requesting Licorice that they still could take over the world but BleadHeart broke the amulet killing Mindsnare for good.

Powers & Abilities

Being a Hauntergeist, Mindsnare could manipulate dreams and nightmares. He was also able to shapeshift, levitate, manifest "apparitions", and create portals. He could also take people with him to a void-like world called "The Dream Horizon" instantaneously.


  • Mindsnare is an original character created by Griddles.
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