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Megaville Elementary
Megaville Elementary School
Name Megaville Elementary
Type School
Ruler Principal Skarr
Location Megaville, Earth

Megaville Elementary School is the school where the protagonists go to in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. It is located in Megaville and has it's own School Dojo.

Known TeachersEdit

Known StudentsEdit

School UniformsEdit

Everyone on school wears a standard school uniform. The boys wear a white blouse, black tie with a brown jacket. They have blue trousers with a black belt but still remain their own shoes. The girls on the other hand wear a blue shirt with white sleeves and a blue skirt.

Although everyone must wear them there are exceptions. Dexter wear his normal clothes, Dib wear a long black cloak on his school uniform, Gaz wears a skull on her red ribow, Blossom and Buttercup wear the same uniform but in their color. Bubbles wears her uniform blue, but the other students wear little darker blue.


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