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This vault seems to have you all worked up. Must be something very valuable inside.
— Dan Phantom to Mandy about her vault
Mandy's Vault
Mandy's Vault
Name Mandy's Vault
Type Vault
Ruler Mandy
Location Castle Evergrim, Underworld
Notable inhabitants Billybot (deceased)

Mandroid (deceased)
Mr. Snuggles
Scythe 2.0
Mandy Doll (deceased)
Happy Huggy Bear (deceased)

Mandy's Vault is a secret chamber found in Castle of Grim. It appeared in Grim Tales .

Mimi went inside the vault to find the Horror's Hand for HIM, to retrieve Jeff's soul. When she entered it, the guardians of the vault, Mandroid and Billybot, attacked her, but she attacked them back and ended up killing them.

After defeating the securety Mimi had to fight Mandy, who eventually gave Mimi what she wanted, the Horror's Hand, and they saw her worst memory. After returning from that Mimi screamed so hard that she broke all the glasses in the vault and  the artifacts that were in the vault were freed, much to Mandy's anger. Angry, Minnie killed Mandy Doll and Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear using the Scythe 2.0. All the artifacts were put back in their original places afterwards.


This is a list of objects found in Mandy's Vault. 

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