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Mandark's Laboratory
Mandark's lab
Name Mandark's Laboratory
Type Laboratory
Ruler Mandark Astronomonov
Location Megaville
Notable inhabitants Mandark

Quackor the Fowl

Mandark's Laboratory is the place where the fight between Dexter and Mandark took place. It was the main setting of Chapter 6 in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

The laboratory of Mandark is located behind his house and is very notable compared to Dexter's lab which is hidden in his house. Dexter along with Coop in the Megas go to the lab to save Blossom from Mandark. Dexter infiltrate the building and engages battle with Mandark. Outside Megas fights with Megabee but seems to loose until Buttercup, along with Bubbles and Otto appear to save Coop. Buttercup uppercuts Samantha, and knocks a teeth out. Samantha wants to fight back but Montray pulls her back.

Dexter and Mandark fight for some time until Dexter eventually defeats him. He then breaks the glass filled with water where Blossom is in. But Blossom was already dead. However Dee Dee asked Grim to revive Blossom which he did. After Blossom was revived, Mandark summoned a giant Cluster robot that was stopped by Bubbles and Buttercup. Mandark became desperate and decided to blow up everything. Megas broke into the building to save his team and quickly escaped when the lab exploded with Mandark inside.

Later, Olga was seen walking in the wreckage of the lab and picked up Mandark's glasses.

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