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Sounds to me like you're just jealous.
— Lock complaining about Grim Jr. nagging about Minnie
Name Lock
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sex Male
Age 6
Species Devil (formerly)

Spirit (currently)

Status Deceased
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Red
Friends Oogie Boogie, Shock, Barrel
Enemies Jack Skellington, Grim Jr.
Occupation(s) Henchman
Residence Oogie's Manor, Halloween Town

Lock is an antagonist who appears in Grim Tales. He is best friends with Shock and Barrel and is "loyal" to Oogie Boogie. He appears in Chapter 1, 2 and 3 as a recurring character and originates from the Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Grim Tales From Down Below

He first captured Grim Jr. and took him to Oogie's Manor and asked him there to tell the past of his parents. After the story Grim Jr. was slammed by Oogie Boogie. Later they withniss the crual death of Minimandy and after Grim Jr. got the demon powers of Minnie and merged into the destroyed Pumpkinator he was killed by him.


Lock is dressed as a devil, wearing a plain, long-sleeved, tattered red shirt, and pants of the same color. His brown shoes have pointed toes that curl upward, and he seems to wear pale orange gloves. His skin is an unhealthy grey color, his eyes are an eerie yellow and his lips are sky blue. His upper eyelids are a pink color, while the lower one is periwinkle. His chin is rather large and the top of his head is quite flat. His ears are set rather low on his head, and his eyebrows are the same shade of red as his clothes, while the rest of his hair is a darker red-brown color. He styles his hair in such a way that he has two "horns" in the front. His nose is pointed, but not nearly as large as Shock's. His mask is a faded red devil's face with horns that curve upward much more than Lock's hair. The mask's mouth is curled into a ghastly smile, showing sharp teeth. Lock's outfit is completed by a red, pointed tail, though it is unclear whether or not this is an accessory.


Lock is a small trick-or-treating boy who dresses like a devil. He hangs around with Shock and Barrel and is the supposed leader of the group. They are the henchmen of Oogie Boogie but aren't really loyal to him, and sometimes they run errands for Jack too. They all love to make mischief in Halloween Town.


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