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Darkstar Council 4
Name Kuwagus
Sex Male
Species Cluster
Status Deceased
Eye Color Blank
Friends Darkstar Council, Vexus, Dr. X, Samantha
Enemies Powerpuff Girls
Residence Cluster Zone (formerly), Megaville (Black Eden) (current)

Kuwagus is a major villain in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He is a member of the Darkstar Council.

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

Kuwagus was send to Earth by Vexus to help Dr. X. He had a few minor appearances as background character in the beginning but during the invasion at the science fair he digged into the ground to the hidden area. There he battled the Men in Black, but eventually got defeated by Buttercup.

Black and WhiteEdit

Kuwagus was send to Earth by Vexus along with the other Darkstar Council. He has some speaking lines during conversations with his fellow members. After Montray got killed during the fight between Bell and Barasia he got mad at Barasia for killing him and wanted avenge but ended up being killed himself.


Just like any other Cluster robot he resembles an insect. He resembles a beetle. Kuwagus is a big light-brown beetle, with wings and large mouth. He has two arms (instead of six) and appearantly does have four eyes.

Triva Edit

  • In the original concept designs, Kuwagus was supposed to be based on a stag-beetle (kuwagata is the japanese word for stag-beetle), but for unknown reasons, he was made into a rhino-beetle.
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