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Might I say, your method of decorating yourselves is quite...eratic.
— King




King evening

Name King
Sex Male
Species Lion
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown (mane)
Light-brown/ yellow (fur)
Relatives Bo (daughter)
Friends Hansel, Brave, Ginger, Cupcake
Enemies Bleed Heart
Occupation(s) Leader of Brave Heart
Residence Courage Campus

King is a character from Sugar Bits. He is the leader of the Brave Hearts and lives in, as well as rules, the Courage Campus. He is the father of Bo, although it is unknown who his wife is or was.

Sugar BitsEdit

He first appeared in the gardens correcting the behavior of Hansel, Ginger and Cupcake, thinking that a brave Heart like Hansel shouldn't act like that. Afterwards he brought Cupcake back home saying her to do her duty.

He later appeared when someone said to him that someone shut down the barriers of the Dream World, then he got called by Cupcake who asked about Gingerman and Ginger but he calmed her down and got her back to sleep.

He then later appears again in Dystopius where he joins the fight against Bleed Heart. However the was never a fight. He gave the medallion where Mindsnare was in, in exchange for Bo's life. He then helped the others with recovering. After Ginger returned he grounded her which she aknowledges. When back in Confectionaria he watches Ginger's room and says to one of his butlers that she was with two in the room. King tells that she has a counterpart, not like a double personality, but more like a clone.


King looks just like a normal lion with yellow fur and brown manes. His manes cover his eyes and he has a long yellow goatee. He mostly is seen wearing the typical Brave Heart costume.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

King has not showed any of his abilities yet, but seeing as he is the leader of the Brave Hearts, he must be very strong surpassing Hansel and Brave. He did appeared in a golden armor with a big sword so he could fight Bleed Heart, but that never happened.


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