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Name Julie
Sex Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Purple
Friends Mammon
Occupation(s) Maid
Residence Dystopius

Julie is a minor character who appears in Sugar Bits. She was originally made as prize for the winner of a contest held at the Snafu forums on The winner, Laudine, commissioned her maid character in a picture with Bo and as a bonus Julie was added into the plot of Sugar Bits as the maid of Mammon.

Sugar BitsEdit

Julie was first send to Ginger's room to tell her that Mammon had prepared a new set of clothing for her. Ginger, as Licorice rejected the offer because Mindsnare gave her a new set of clothing already. Julie went on asking why she was talking to herself, to which Lico replied that she was reflecting, which makes Julie wonder what Mammon sees in her. She reported to Mammon that Ginger was alright and asked what was for dinner. When Mammon said leftovers, Julie suggested that a proper meal should be prepared for the guest.

When Ginger came down in her new dress Mammon first thought she was wearing a maid uniform but Julie corrected him by explaining it was a Gothic Lolita dress, and further elaborates on it. And they began gossiping about Ginger and as response of Ginger got stomped on their heads. Ginger then asked where the pizza was and Julie immediately went away to prepare it. Mammon afterwards told Ginger not to be so mean against his maid.


Like most maids, Julie is loyal to her master that being Mammon in this case. She always refers to him as Lord Mammon out of respect but even though she always uses his title they are very casual against each other. Julie gives advice to Mammon about certain things for example what dinner should be. She also explains things Mammon has little knowledge about like fashion. She is kind to her guests, but also advice them as she doesn't blindly follow orders. She might or might not have a secret crush on Mammon, despite knowing that he likes Ginger.


Julie appears as a pale humanoid being, belonging to an unknown species although she possibly is a regular demon. Some of her most remarkable traits are her red eyes and her short purple hair that almost reaches her shoulders. She is only seen wearing a maid uniform. Her uniform is black with the apron, bow, sleeves, gloves, shoulder puffs and headgear being a light shade of pink.

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