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Name Jerry
Sex Male
Age Infinite
Species Demon
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Friends L.D.G.
Occupation(s) Assistant

Jerry is a minor character who appears in The New Adventures of Skull Boy. He is the lab assistent of L.D.G..


He appeared out of nowhere when LDG was doing a brain surgery on Psycho Kid. Jerry asked if he could assist, but LDG remarked he was very lazy and now that she doesn't need any help he shows up. Jerry said he was still angry because she tried to sell him to Eight-Bit on her yard sell. He also found out that Psycho Kid has acid brainjuice coming out of the middle of his brain.


Jerry is a floating demon ghost. He has four green glowing eyes, two big teeth and a spectral tail. He is completely black, but with a green outline. He also has a wrinkly mustache although you can't really see it because it's black and merges with his skin.

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