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Name Jam
Alias Whore (TIN)
Sex Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Friends Slash, Sue, Ninju, Master Sensei
Enemies TIN
Occupation(s) Ninja

Jam is a character who appeared in TIN the Incompetent Ninja. She is a professional ninja and is one of the ninja's who particates in the Samurai War.


He was first introduced by Slash along with Sue and Ninju. he was appointed to train TIN to make him stronger and worth for using in the war. She was the first who had to train TIN. They went to the high bamboo trees and practiced TIN's agility. She said you could stand as long on a point by cheating. Jam said cheating is very important, as she uses her shoes to cheat. When TIN began to insult her very much she couldn't take it anymore and punched him, sending him to Sue.


Jam, unlike other ninja's, wears a pink ninja uniform with a red band around her waist. She has short hair that reaches just over her ears and has a knot in her hair with two sticks to hold it together. In addition to that she wears red heels that have spikes on top to help her to keep her balance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jam, as a professional ninja, is very strong and fast. She represents agility and can move very fast. She also is a master in cheating and often uses dirty tricks and weapons during combat.

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