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Name Ivan
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brunette
Friends Zack, Julie
Enemies Zombies
Residence Earth

Ivan is a main character in the comic Brain Dead. He and his new friends try to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Ivan was riding in his truck. Zack saw the approaching truck and pushed the zombie in front of it. Zack called for help when suddenly the same zombie appeared again but was killed by Ivan's axe. Ivan then took Zack with him and they headed towards Julie's appartment.

Meanwhile a group of four people were defending themselves from the zombies when they each got taken by the zombies. Only their leader was left and saw Ivan's truck and called for help but was ignored and died. They arrived at Julie's appartment, Ivan killed some zombies while Zack encountered a zombie BioHazard. She attacked him but was killed by Ivan. They headed inside and saw that the zombies couldn't open doors. They went upstairs and found Julie and took her with them, Julie handed a metal bat over to Zack. They sneaked through the corridors along with Shaggy and Scooby Doo who instead went into Julie's room and got eaten by the zombies.

Zack, Julie and Ivan had to escape but the traps were filled with too many zombies. They instead opened the elevator and climbed down with a ladder when they arrived on the basic ground a man stood in front of them who got punched by Ivan.


Ivan is a huge man. He has yellow eyes and long brunette hair, for his mouth he wears a cap with a smiley on it. He says the smiley means that he wishes the ones he kills a good day. He wears a yellow jumpsuit with a black belt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ivan, compared to the others, is very strong. His most common used weapon is his axe, he uses this to slash zombies and even uses it as projectile. He can jump very hight and is very skilled in fighting, as seen when he made a twist and killed many zombies. He also is very strong, shown when he simply crushes the eyes of a zombie and opened the closed door of an elevator.

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