Name Human-Ghost
Reside in Earth


Species Half-Breed
Known characters Danny Phantom

Manny Phantom
Daniela Phantom
Danielle Phantom

A Human-Ghost, sometimes called "Half-Ghost" or a "Halfa" is a fictional species in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi and Grim Tales. A hybrid between Human and Ghost, with the ability to change from human to ghost, and from ghost to human, and use almost every ghost power there is.

History/ OriginEdit

Though the first human-ghost we see in the series is Danny Phantom, the main character in Danny Phantom, he is not the first one that ever existed. The first Human-Ghost was Vlad Plasmius, who was standing in front of the first Ghost Portal created by Jack Fenton in the college, and accidently get hit by an ecto-energy blast that it shot, thus giving him a disease known as the Ecto-Acne and his ghost powers as well, becoming this way in the first human-ghost that ever existed. Twenty years later, Danny had a very similar accident with his parents new Ghost Portal, and thus getting his ghost powers (becoming a Human-Ghost), but without the ecto-acne.


One of the main characteristics of the Human-Ghosts is that they can change from human to ghost whenever they want, though when they lack of experience they tend to return to their human form by accident, like Danny did in his first fights. They can freely use almost all of their powers when being humans, but in order to use them all of them in their full potential they must become completely ghost, by doing something called "Going Ghost". This way they can fight against other ghost, human-ghost or human (ghost hunter) when it’s necessary.

The Human-Ghosts can be almost as powerful as and even more powerful than a normal ghost, and they can have pretty much all their powers, and use their human side as an advantage like passing through a Ghost-Shield that only human can pass. They also seem to have certain immunity to several ghostly effects, like Ember’s music that wasn’t able to control Danny due to his half-ghost nature. Unfortunately they also vulnerable to some other ghost weaknesses like the Blood Blossoms or the Ecto-ranium , they also are vulnerable to the mind control of a ghostly artifact like Freakshow’s Crystal ball staff, though this one wasn’t that effective in Danny like it was in the other ghost.