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Halloween Town
Halloween Town
Name Halloween Town
Type Town
Ruler The Mayor
Location Underworld
Notable inhabitants Jack Skellington

The Mayor
Dr. Finklestein
Oogie Boogie
Lock, Shock & Barrel

Halloween Town is a location in Grim Tales. Halloween Town is based on the Holiday of Halloween. It is the home of Jack Skellington, Sally, Doctor Finklestein and the slightly normal mayor live along with many other Halloween Town citizens. Outside the Town is a forest called the Hinterlands which contains doors leading to other holiday-themed lands such as Christmas Town.


This is the place where most of the events take place. The town is ruled by The Mayor but Jack Skellington is the one who organises the events that happen in the town. The town was almost completely destroyed after the attack of the Pumpkinator.



  • Although Halloween Town is a realm of it's own it is a sister-realm of Castle of Grim, and are considered to be one realm where Grim and Mandy are the rulers of.


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