20px-IconFullProtect 20px-IconLocation
Name Grimmoire
Ruler Queen of Grimmoire
Location Land of Fairytales
Notable inhabitants Humpty Dumpty

Puss in Boots

Grimmoire is a location in Ever After. It hasn't appeared yet but it is the town where the Mental Institute Everafter is settled. The Big Bad Wolf is known to wander around the city and sometimes even enter it to devour some humans.


Welcome Children... Grimmoire, the land of all fairytales. Of faeries and tinkly winkly pixies, frog princes and tightly-clothed elves of most questionable orientation. Though never a perfect happily place, it had been growing exceptionally rowdy as of late. From giants to witches, trolls and dragons to a seemingly unending plethora of wicked stephmothers, 'normalcy' in this world was an ill-difined concept to begin with. Most of these distubances were tolerated early on. All the same, the number of troubling incidents was reaching an all-time high, and something needed to be done...

So it came to be, looming over it all on an island far in the west, the Everafter Maximum Security Asylum and Home for the Fantastically Traumasized. A facility dedicated to the betterment of the realm of magic. Namely, keeping the endlings happily ever after, and it's inhabitans forever tinkly and/ or winkly, simply by removing the more unflattering residents and placing them into a mendatory rehabilitatition.

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