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Kanji 残酷な物語
Genre Action, wikipedia:Bangsian_fantasy Bangsian fantasy, Supernatural, Drama
Created by Bleedman (art, story)
NeoEdensKing (story)
Q-Nova (Skulker File)
Griddles (former story)
Heather M. Solomon (former story)
Published by
Original Run December 2004 - Ongoing
Chapters 10
Related Works
Extra Afterbirth (commissioned by Dave)

Grim Tales From Down Below (stylized as Grim Tales and often shortened to GT) is a manga-styled fancomic drawn by Bleedman and is hosted at Bleedman did all the art for Grim Tales, while Griddles helped with the story. In Chapter 2, was another story helped named Heather M. Solomon, but she was not mentioned in other chapters. As of the first GTFO chapter, NeoEdensKing writes the story. Q-Nova did the story at the start of the second GTFO before being taken over by Radical Cola.

The comic is mainly based on The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, but features other source material like: Danny Phantom, The Powerpuff Girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Fairly OddParents, Samurai Jack, Spawn, Mina and the Count and Adventure Time.

Grim Tales is seperated into 2 arcs and a side spin off so far; Grim Tales: From Down Below and currently Grim Tales: What About Mimi as well as the spinoff Grim Tales: Further Orientation.

A chapter titled Afterbirth has been leaked on the internet. This chapter is set a few years after the orginal comics. Though this chapter is non-canon and is unlikely to be included in the main comic.


The story mainly focuses on two characters; one is Grim Jr., the son of the Grim Reaper and a boy who dreams of having powers and adventures, and the other is his sister Minimandy, a smart girl who simply wishes to love her brother. The both of them go on amazing adventures and sometimes with their friend, Mimi, a devil girl who occasionally supports them.

From Down Below

The story begins with Grim Jr. and Minimandy entering a place referred to as "Somewhere Down Below" through a portal. As promised, Jr. leads Minnie to a patch of Necropollins, a rare, deadly yet beautiful type of flower that only grows in Malebolgia, and that Minnie has always wanted to see. Jr. has brought her there to make up to her about what had happened to her.

Unfortunately, while their backs were turned, they were ambushed by a Demon known as the Violator. Jr. attempts to fight him off but he is simply flicked out of the way, leaving his body in pieces. Minnie, after retrieving Jr.'s head, informs the demon that she has no reason to be afraid of him, stating that he is dumber than one hundred idiots combined. Just when he is about to rip out Minnie's tongue Spawn arrives and cuts off his hand.

Spawn claims the siblings are under his protection and orders the demon to step away. Unfortunately for him, the Violator refuses the chance to back away and for his troubles is killed by Spawn. Junior is overjoyed at the entertaining spectacle but Minnie reminds him that he will likely see many more like it once he has ascended to their father's, the Grim Reaper, throne, Jr. asking Minnie not to remind him.

Junior thinks back to three days ago, the night of their first Halloween, he and Minnie didn't always look like this, nor were they this close. Three days previously while Junior is still a skeleton he's missing his eye, while Minnie has both of her eyes and looks human. Junior asks his mother, Mandy exactly what is Halloween. Answering him in the simplest way she could, she took him and Minnie to Halloween Town.

The Siblings get caught up in the festivities singing along with the locals the Pumpkin song. Unfortunately at the end the siblings are surprised by their Uncle Jack Skellington who grabs them in a hug with a "boo" scaring Junior whom runs into his mother's arms the first chance he gets. Mandy explains that Jack is their uncle on their Father's side. The Mayor introduces the crowd to the rulers of the realm the Grim Family, receiving applause in response.

Later that night the party is in full swing, Junior has opted to sit out while Minnie is, as Junior puts it, showing off with Jack. Sally notes that Junior is alone and thus offers him a dance. Taking her up on the offer Junior busts out in a break dance and attempts to rub it in Minnie's face. Unfortunately Junior trips on Minnie resulting in a humiliating end with his head in the apple bobbing tank.

While Jack attempts to calm the laughing mad crowd Junior decides to leave the party, growling at Minnie to leave him alone. Grim wonders if the two of them will ever get along to which Mandy tells him to give them time. Arriving outside Junior is met by Zero Jack's dog, and begins playing fetch with him using one of his rib bones. Unfortunately Junior is soon sacked, quite literary, by Lock Shock and Barrel.

The trio take Junior to their club house where they untie him and explain that the sack was just part of a elaborate initiation ritual into their little group. They request information on Juniors parents to which he brings out his father's diary. Grim in flashback form explains how he is the second most feared being in the underworld, the honor of the most feared belongs to his wife Mandy.

Grim is aware of the fact that being married to the cruellest, meanest, most feared being in the universe is not exactly the best deal in the universe, but it beats being the laughing stock of the underworld, which he was when he met Billy and Mandy. They were brought to his attention via a sick hamster and got into a limbo contest with them and as a consequence he is now their "best friend."

Grim made it no secret that he loathed the pair, which prompted a rare smirk on Mandy's sour little face. Mandy was a vicious little child who hated the world around her, although morbid she never wore goth clothing instead opting for a pink dress, she's also over domineering which managed to reduce Grim, the lord of death, to a slave. Billy on the other hand is a idiot, a IQ of -5, if the world was populated by the likes of him zombies would starve.

The three of them would go on many adventures, they would face off against monsters, bounty hunters, gods, the world would often be destroyed, they would be horribly disfigured, or a cosmic rift would threaten all of reality but they would always end up alright in the end. Regardless of the abuse, torture and humiliation he suffered at their hands Grim actually became rather fond of the two of them, filling their hourglasses with sand on occasion.

Sadly for Grim Mandy was no fool, one hot day in August Mandy had grown suspicious of her odd survival rate, being repeatedly vaporized that week alone, and wondering if it's her time yet. One day while at a BBQ in Billy's backyard Mandy confronted Grim again, violently, and forced him to show her her hour glass, which as it turns out is empty. Asking Grim why he hasn't reaped her yet he claims that it's because of their deal.

Mandy insults Grim, saying he has sunk to a new low, he is Death personified and yet he refuses to kill someone that by his own admittance hates, loathes, and despises with every fiber of his being, jokingly suggesting that he's going to kill her for her insults to him. Undeterred Mandy decides to test a theory, bringing out a large kitchen knife she uses it to rip her own throat out and kill herself much to Grim's shock.

Thanks to Grim's intervention Mandy's wound is instantly healed. Mandy questions Grim on exactly what she is, which according to Grim she's technically immortal, she will die when he says so and not a moment earlier. Mandy also questions Billy's hour glass, which is revealed to be twisted, bulbous and all turned around in different places. As far as Grim can tell Billy will die shortly before or after she does.

Deciding to freshen up Mandy has Grim bring her home. While Grim irons her cloths Mandy changes into a black version of her dress and questions Grim on when he will be ready to kill her, to which he states when he's ready. Mandy questions what the difference between now and later is, simple fact is she's going to hell either way, sooner she gets there the sooner she takes over.

Deciding to deal with the problem now Mandy calls off the deal with Grim, stating that they are no longer friends, saying that Grim can no longer be who he needs to be around her and Billy. Grim questions her about Billy, pointing out that he will miss Grim dearly. Mandy easily fools him with a black cloak and a old broom, Grim suspected that if the broom was alive it would beg him for death for having to put up with Billy constantly.

Billy eventually died, the sinless idiot went to Heaven at first, until he annoyed the saints to the point that they kicked him out. He was sent to Purgatory next but not for long, he was soon sent to Hell but they soon learned to fear him above all others so they kicked him out too. He found his way back to earth where he hung out with Grim for a while until Grim had to leave, Mandy exploited Irwin too for a while until it was his time as well.

She usurped power in the neighborhood, under her command the neighborhood watch looked like a Nazi march. She'd see Grim on and off again often, asking the usual questions how's it been, has Billy escaped again and of course is it time yet? Mandy's left wing antics got her as far as mayor, and taking advantage of her immortality she pursued a night job as a hit-woman and Grim would watch as she grew into a beautiful and deadly woman.

Finally, in the prime of her life, Grim worked up the nerve to strike her down. Under the alias Joe Black and in a human disguise Grim entered her office with the intention of asking her to marry him. The ring cost 3467 Dollars, but the look on her face was priceless. Mandy at first expected some half-baked story about her making Grim into a better person but Grim corrects her, he hates her, she has humiliated him, driven him insane with envy of the dark aura from every fiber of her being.

The simple fact is she has not made him into a better person, she has twisted him into a horrible monster and for that reason she has reminded him of who he is... He's the Grim Reaper and she has 15 seconds to say yes before he kills her. Grim comments that for the first and last time in Mandy's entire life she was scared. Grim started to think about the fateful day that Grim was set on this path.

Arguing with Billy was never a pleasant thing to do. He wanted to know what it was like to be death for a day so they swapped places. Billy exceeded every expectation Grim would go so far as to say that he couldn't reap the souls of bacteria if his existence depended on it, the only way he could impart death was by laughter. Mandy also wanted to give it a try, switching places with Grim. Attempting to take advantage Grim attempted to find damaging information on Mandy.

Looking through her things he discovered plans listing details for something call "operation freedom" checking the date on the plans, September 11th 2001 Grim realized that it was today. Checking the news Grim saw as the Twin Towers were taken down exactly how Mandy listed they would be. There were more plans where they came from listing the details of natural disasters, serial killers, terrorist attacks years in advance.

Grim fondly thought back to his early days, he had done horrible, unforgivable things much like what Mandy had done now that would forever mark the passage of time. Then he remembered that even before he met them he had been reduced to reaping the souls of rodents like hamsters or squirrels. These plans had been made for the sole purpose of getting Grim back into shape, overjoyed he thanked Mandy and declared that he was back.

Fond memories aside Grim still needed a answer, the Scythe was centimeters from her waist before she said I do. Grim later admitted that it was easily the best move he had ever made. In the present Shock is swooning over the "love story" between the two. Junior draws their attention to the family album in the diary, finding pictures of their honey moon, their home, their family, Grim at the abortion clinic, and baby pictures of Jr. and Minnie.

Junior took the opportunity to introduce his new friends to his god Father Nergal Junior, easily one of the most feared demon warriors in the underworld armed with "cool tentacle thingies that turn into any weapon he can think of". When they ask about Minnie they realize she is the Minimandy, as in famous child actress Minimandy. Junior however claims that she is a glory hog and a show off.

Worst yet she took away his godfather from him. Growing tired of Juniors winy jealous personality they instead ask about his reaper powers to which he admits he doesn't have any, claiming to never study or practice. With this Junior is knocked out with a blow to the head. Narration switches to Sir Raven who explains that with the situation Junior is in now, it's a good thing he's already dead.

Junior is soon revealed to be in the custody of Oogie Boogie who has trapped him in his laboratory. Sir Raven states that Death is the color of Jr.'s fate, and is glad that it's Junior's and not his. The scene switches to Curly Hill where Minnie is still thinking about Junior, realizing she is alone and to take her mind off of him she uses her Nergal powers in a midair dance spectacle.

However Zero arrives in the grave yard with Junior's rib and Minnie realizes that something is wrong with Junior and has the dog lead her to him. Meanwhile Junior is demanding his immediate release wanting to know what Oogie and the others want with him to which Oogie gladly explains. He use to be business partners with Grim, hosting a gambling ring with the lives of people on the line.

However when Oogie wanted to go big Grim quit and Oogie's business crumbled. Junior asks if that was what he wants, his father to work with him again. While a good guess Oogie has something else in mind, he intends to simply dissect Junior and rip the secrets of the Reapers out of him. However Minnie arrives in time to stop the dissection with a arrow ordering Oogie to stand down.

Minnie and Oogie draw their fencing swords, Minnie making her's with her Nergaling powers, and prepare to battle. Minnie offers Oogie one chance to back down and hand over her brother but he rejects the offer summoning his minions to fight her for him. Unfortunately for Oogie they prove to be no match for Minnie whom easily destroys them all. Oogie is able to successfully beg for his life, only because the pitiful act disgusts Minnie.

Minnie spares Oogie but warns that next time she will not be as forgiving. Unfortunately Junior is significantly less grateful than Oogie, yelling at Minnie, claiming he had the situation completely under control. Furthermore he also claims that Minnie was just showing off all her talent and power, just like she always does and prepares to leave the emotionally distraught Minnie and ruined Oogie.

Oogie takes advantage of the situation to bring out his trump card the Pumpkinator who grabs Minnie and rips her apart, leaving her limbless, bloodied and gutted. Junior, horrified at what he helped do, attempted to help Minnie but he didn't know how. Minnie removes her right eye and puts it into Junior's empty eye socket, as a result Junior is attacked by Minnie's severed tentacles who strangle him and cause him to pass out.

Junior wakes up inside his dream world where he meets the original Nergal, or more precisely a manifestation of him, who explains to him what has just happened. Junior expects a lecture but Nergal decides that he has been punished enough for one day. He explains that a dying Nergal can give another all their powers, memories, their hopes, their dreams, their fears, everything that makes them them to another and that is exactly what Minnie just did.

Nergal warns Junior that if he can't move past his sister's death then it will consume him. Junior wakes up in the real world with his sister, now in the form of an angel, in his arms. At the same time Grim realizes that something is wrong with Junior and Minnie and grabs Mandy to go find them. Meanwhile Junior has already ripped the Pumpkinator apart and is preparing to exact revenge on Oogie.

Unfortunately a angel by the name of Redeemer comes and claims Minnie's soul for Heaven. Junior attempts to stop him and for his trouble his hand is cut off. Redeemer allows the two siblings their final farewell's before taking Minnie away. Overwhelmed with despair Junior allows his new powers to take control of him and they deem him and his body weak though his potential is great.

Thus as a "gift" they fuse his body with the Pumpkinator creating the Demon Reaper. Mandy and Grim arrive outside the manor in time to see Minnie being taken away to Heaven while Junior's inner Nergal prepares to give him all the power and revenge he could ever want. Meanwhile from The Ghost Zone, Clockwork observes these events and to quote his old friend the Grim Reaper "It is Time."

In the Ghost Zone Clockwork has freed Dan Phantom from the Fenton Thermos. Dan's joy is very brief however, the timeline from which he came has long since been wiped out, if he so choose Clockwork could erase him as well with something as simple as a snap of his fingers. Realizing that Clockwork wants something from him he tells him to be out with it already.

Clockwork shows Dan the new born Demon Reaper currently on a rampage killing off Oogie, Lock, Shock and Barrel and eating their souls. It will continue to do this and never stop, as it finishes one realm it will move onto another, and another, and another until all that is living and dead ceases to exist, including itself eventually. Clockwork believes Dan might just be powerful enough to stop it.

Meanwhile the Demon Reaper arrives in Halloween Town and wastes no time before it begins to slaughter, Jack orders Sally to begin the evacuations while he, Grim and Mandy try their best to hold off the beast. While they put up a admirable effort they are ultimately no match for the beast and are forced to retreat. Mandy orders Lord Pain to bring in the army and he arrives just in time.

Pain summons the Beast of Destruction to fight the beast but it proves no match for it, literally eaten in one bite, which is even worst then the army. Luckily Dan arrives and finally starts doing some damage to the beast. While Dan is putting it out of commission Grim and Clockwork sneak inside to retrieve Junior's soul. Once inside Grim questions why Clockwork simply didn't stop all of this from happening.

According to Clockwork some things were simply meant to happen, case in point, and that preventing it from happening would do more harm than good. Nergal, or more specifically Nergal's mental projection, confronts the two of them. Hallucination or not Grim wants a word with the demonic creature. Grim rests the blame of these events solely on Nergal and his son, who went "screwing" with his wife and making her bear a Demon Girl.

As far as Grim is concerned Minnie should have been born as a Reaper like him and her brother and is therefore not his daughter. If that is the way he feels then Nergal agrees with him, and at the same time that also means that Junior is no more his son than Minnie his daughter. Bringing a child in the world goes against Grim's very nature, the only way he could have a son was through abortion, to impregnate Mandy and have Junior ripped from her womb.

Furthermore as far as Nergal is concerned that makes every abortion, miscarriage, and any others who will not know their first breath of life also Grim's children. Nergal would be damned before he'd let Grim do that to his family. Interrupting the argument about life and death Clockwork reminds the pair why they are there, pointing out Junior's soul which is in the middle of a life and death struggle with his inner Nergal.

With Clockwork's powers useless inside the beast Nergal shows the pair the way out. Clockwork goes first carrying Junior followed by Grim who was still holding off the beast from within. Once outside the Beast Grim realizes that Clockwork took Junior and went off on his own. Worst yet the beast has recovered from Dan's initial attack and retaliates with his own version of Dan's Ghostly Wail.

Luckily Nergal Junior arrives to help deal with his wayward godson saving Dan from getting reaped. Meanwhile Junior has been dropped off in the Realm of Flesh and Blood by Clockwork where he encounters Redeemer.

Spawn kills the Violator then questions Minnie and Junior about what they were doing there. Junior claims he could have easily taken that demon, briefly demonstrating his Nergal powers though Minnie warns him not to be reckless, ordering the powers back under control via the Nergal language. Spawn plans on taking the siblings back to their parents. Junior offers to explain the "sort of" long story to Spawn, summarizing what has happened thus far.

When Junior awoke he was greeted by Clockwork whom explains that while in the realm of flesh and blood Junior exists as a manifestation of his soul, which indecently is human. While the Underworld's finest warriors have been enlisted to fight the beast they alone are not enough, in order to truly defeat the beast is for Junior to play his role in the story. As Clockwork leaves Redeemer comes in and confronts Junior.

Redeemer admits that he didn't expect to see Junior again but he decides it doesn't matter. Right now he needs to get Minnie back. Demanding a explanation from the Angel he explains that they were ambushed outside the gates of Heaven by a demon. Though he didn't recognize her there was a air of familiarity, he has only ever seen another like her from one whose name is greatly feared though it is unspoken, he is simply known as "HIM."

Junior decides to come along, Redeemer has no choice but let him tag along, fate seems to have brought them together and it's not safe to fly there anyway. Besides he sees something different in Junior now, and it's not just that he has skin to go with his bones now, he suspects it's because of his sister's eye. While thinking about it Junior runs into a girl named Mimi, who is being chased by Billy Kincaid.

Redeemer saves the pair from Billy by cutting off his hand and chasing him away. Junior notes that Mimi has had both of her hands chopped off, comparing it to Redeemer's habit of cutting people's hands off. They are found by Mimi's caretaker Jeff the Spider and though Junior is at first scared of the fearsome looking creature Redeemer insists that the soul is pure and not evil, which seems to be back up by his friendly demeanor.

Jeff insists on giving the group a little hospitality, pointing out that the Blizzard is going to get worst very soon. Redeemer explains the Realm of Flesh and Blood, it is sinners last chance at redemption and should they fail then they will be cast down to a lower level of hell for their punishment. This leads Junior to question why Jeff is there who is clearly not evil. The angel agrees with Junior's suspicions.

It is odd that such a pure soul would choose to stay in the Realm when a place of Glory awaits them in Heaven. Jeff explains that he simply wants to help the passing souls whatever way he can, like Mimi. In a few minutes Junior explains how they got into this mess, Jeff and Redeemer wonder if or how Junior intends to deal with his sister, specifically if he will be willing to give her up to heaven so easily as he claims.

At that time Minnie of all people jumps Junior from behind, hugging him lovingly. At the same time Jeff webs up Redeemer and Mimi transforms into her demon form, gaining red skin horns and crustacean like claws. HIM, Mimi's father and the demon that Redeemer was talking about, arrives on scene. HIM explains to Junior what is going on, while he is here his body in the form of the Demon Reaper is on a rampage.

This creature is one of the most powerful that has ever existed, he intends to gain control over this abomination of a creature through Minnie and Junior, not even the greatest warriors the underworld has to offer can stop it. To this end HIM makes Junior a deal, if he comes to work for him as his protégé he will have power beyond his imagination, exceeding that of both of his parents but above all he will have his sister back.

To try and further convince Junior HIM invokes Minnie's hidden sins, she claims that neither Heaven or Hell can have her soul, she belongs to Junior. Junior turns down the offer of power, he's already done the all powerful monster thing and has decided that it really isn't his thing, asking that if there are no hard feelings then if he could turn Minnie back to normal for him. HIM however explains there is no spell.

Minnie while a very pure soul indeed, is not immune to the seven deadly sins, her sin is the sin of Lust, it seems that she secretly thinks more of Junior then just a brother. As a experiment HIM decides to invoke the sin of Wrath, Minnie's pent up rage towards her brother and how he treats her is unleashed in full force. As a result her appearance changes to resemble her mother when she was her age and attacks Junior.

While Mimi is torturing Redeemer with a paintball gun Minnie and Junior continue to battle one another. Nergal contacts Junior and observes the situation and decides that there is only one solution to end this predicament and that is for Junior to "Pucker up and Give her some Sugar." Left with no other choice Junior is forced to kiss Minnie, on the lips. Snapped to her senses Minnie realizes what Junior has done and smacks him in the face.

The two get into a argument, Minnie claiming that Junior is being a pervert while Junior, correctly, states that Minnie needs therapy. While HIM loathes meddling in the affairs of family, he has business to attend to, taking Minnie's soul with the intention of using it to control the Demon Reaper. Enraged Junior grabs the scythe Minnie was using to attack him and attempts to attack HIM with it.

Attempting to save Minnie and Junior Jeff frees Redeemer and ties Mimi up. With this Redeemer is able to attack HIM and free the siblings. Enraged at Jeff's betrayal HIM attacks him with the scythe, Mimi blocks the attack followed by teleporting herself, Jeff and Junior away while Redeemer takes Minnie to Heaven. The trio arrives in Limbo where Jeff explains that Mimi only acted to protect him, Jeff.

Jeff explains that as soon as Mimi learned to walk, HIM exposed her to every horror imaginable, cut off her hands, and turning her into a demon like him. She defended herself the only way she could, cutting off all emotion and sacrificing her humanity. HIM needed a babysitter for taking care of Mimi while he was tending to his ever expanding kingdom and that is where Jeff came into the picture.

Jeff has been like a father to Mimi, being with her ever since she was born. Cutting the bonding moment short Clockwork arrives to take Junior away, HIM is on his way and Mimi and Jeff have played their part. Junior becomes furious with Clockwork, calling him as bad a creature as HIM and Oogie combined for leaving them to HIM. Clockwork points out that neither of them can stop HIM at the moment, Jeff tells Junior to go he and Mimi can handle HIM.

Junior promises that he will come back for them once he's strong enough to face HIM, as a result sharing a intimate moment with Mimi before she pinches and pulls on his cheeks. Meanwhile at the Gates of Heaven the big wigs are reviewing Minnie's files. They understand that her love is of the purest intentions but in the eyes of Heaven a sin is a sin and their gates will not open for Minnie.

She seems rather glad as noted by Redeemer who decides that it's simply not her time yet. Meanwhile in Halloween Town, Clockwork has dropped Junior off who tells him to go away and put some pants on refusing to talk to him. Clockwork fulfils the request as the Demon Reaper sneaks up on Junior. Unfortunately Junior is still grieving Minnie's loss and thus doesn't fight back.

At the same time Minnie arrives from Heaven and Clockwork rejoins the others, with a theatre sized portion of pop corn he states that he is going to enjoy what happens next. Minnie at first attempts to order the beast to stand down via the Nergal language, that failing she and Junior are absorbed into its body. Inside Junior is met by Nergal's consciousness again, who is slightly different now.

As a result of his betrayal Nergal was granted a body with which to be punished with repeatedly by the beast. Working together Junior and Nergal are able to free Minnie from it's grasp. With that done Minnie and Nergal are able to work together to hold the beast still long enough for Dan to blast it with a huge ball of energy, destroying not only the beast but a large portion of the town as well.

Everyone exits the destroyed buildings, thankfully their injuries are limited to flesh wounds and concussions. Junior, though still under the influence of the beast, has been returned to his normal size relatively intact. Minnie is able to shatter the beasts influence with a hug and a final command in Nergal. Minnie and Junior's respective father's run to their sides in joy.

Dan notes that his work is done and as per the agreement with Clockwork he is free. Clockwork however warns him not to do anything that warrants his intervention or else he will. Dan also notes that Mandy is shooting him strange looks to which Clockwork suggests she's developed a crush. In the meantime Jack has found both Minnie's body and the body of Nergal's consciousness in the rubble.

Consulting the Reaper's manual and with the aid of Dr. Finklestien Jr. is able to put Minnie's soul back into her original body which is now zombie and Frankenstein-esque much like Sally. The siblings take a stroll through the graveyard pointing out that's it's been some Halloween they've had, reiterating in Nergal that they love one another as only siblings can, in one case anyway.

Going back to the present Spawn points out that company has arrived, the Violators "Brothers" prompting Junior to invoke his Nergal powers to fight them.

What About Mimi?

Mimi is busy scaling the mountains leading to Castle of Grim while Pain is watching her on the security monitors. Alarmed he hits the panic button throwing the castle into a alarm, interrupting Mandy in the shower, Grim writing his memoir, and Minnie and Junior in their game of Twister. While Mimi is dispatching the guards, she thinks back to how she got into this situation.

For his betrayal HIM has killed Jeff and imprisoned his soul inside a cage. In return for sparing Jeff eternal damnation and punishment HIM wants a replacement for his severed claw and has already picked out the one he wants, being locked up in maximum security inside Castle of Grim. Back to the present Pain informs Mandy that Mimi is making headway to the vault of the castle.

Mandy instructs Pain to awaken the Guards and Cerberus to deal with Mimi. Dan, whom Mandy had just slept with and (according to Dan and Mandy) just impregnated her with his child, makes note of Junior and Minnie, being quite the pair Mandy managed to raise, Mandy isn't surprised he's interested in them, seeing as how they managed to beat HIM into the ground with his own power.

Mandy responds that she'll take good care of Dan's child who Dan wants to continue his legacy of senseless death and destruction, and raise him or her with the full intention of mashing him into a pulp, to which he states that he's looking forward to it. Meanwhile Minnie and Junior have stumbled upon Pain and the guards who were rushing to the vault.

Junior realizes that this is the chance they need to get their mother to un-ground them. Minnie on the other-hand is understandably hesitant, seeing as how Junior still lacks control. Junior however is able to convince her to play along by promising her that she can sleep in his bed tonight, to which she finally agrees saying that it's a good test of his abilities.

However she soon regrets her decision when Junior turns into a demon hound for her to ride there, realizing that this will end up like all of Junior's other reckless situations they have gotten themselves into. The pair arrive outside the vault where Pain and his men are already waiting to ambush Mimi. The intruder in question arrives apparently confused about the map.

While Junior is surprised to see Mimi again the guards immediately try to seize her but she immediately defeated them with a summoned giant knife attack. To add insult to injury Mimi begins to floss her teeth in front of Pain, mocking him and provoking him into a reckless attack resulting him being clobbered. Junior shape shifts into his human form to try and calm Mimi down, reminding her that he's her friend.

The two at first share a tender moment which visibly anger's Minnie but it soon turns into a violent attack from Mimi who back hands, impale him with a spear, smash him in the head with a toaster, and finally rips out his head and spine. Minnie offers Mimi one chance to release Junior but she interrupts her mid rant with her STFU iron. The last straw drawn Minnie loses her temper and makes a Nergal sword and charges Mimi to attack.

The two are evenly matched at first until Minnie orders Junior's body to restrain Mimi via tentacles. As a result Mimi moans pleasantly apparently greatly enjoying the pain. Momentarily distracting the siblings Mimi is able to flip over and smash Junior's body onto them followed by staking them to the ground. Junior attempts to talk Mimi into stopping but she is uninterested in listening to him.

Junior also attempts to talk Minnie into freeing them but she claims that it would be reckless to go after her again, though as both Junior and his Nergal notes she's also enjoying the position they're in. While the siblings argue Grim is wandering around the castle when he meets up with Dan who is helping himself to the kitchen. Dan has a short discussion about his child with Grim.

Grim points out that they're both un-dead beings, if he couldn't produce a child then why would Dan be able to. Dan is unconcerned suggesting the name Manny for a boy which he believes it will be. Grim asks why he thinks it's going to be a boy to which he claims that it's because he's the best of all three of the men Mandy's slept with, she even said so herself.

Besides he's already been disappointed with girls, citing his previous daughter Danielle Phantom as a chief example. Either way he wants Grim to know he won't have anything to do with child support since he hates kids anyway, something Grim agrees with him on seeing as how he's a bully and a jerk. Back to Mimi she is in the middle of being eaten by Cerberus.

Unfortunately for the dog Mimi is able to force open it's jaws from the inside and throttle all three heads at once followed by hog tying them, which impresses Junior to the point that Minnie stabs him in the head with his own tentacle out of jealousy. Mimi cuts into the vault and begins looking around, a tricycle catching her full attention. Unfortunately she catches the attention of the vaults guards, Mandroid and Billybot.

Unfortunately for the two robots they prove no match for Mimi who quickly destroys them. Dan observes the fight from the rafters and states how impressed he is with Mimi, going so far as to say he wish his own daughter was more like her. Mandy finally arrives on scene, she says she should thank her for destroying the two robots who mock her with their existence. Alas that isn't how she runs things, there is a fee for trespassing into her vault: her head.

That said she decides to be sporting giving Mimi the first move. Mimi's first move consists of firing Angry Birds at Mandy, which proves no match for Mandy's gun. Mimi retaliates with another Angry Bird, this one dropping acidic eggs onto her house coat forcing her to ditch it leaving her in her undergarments, much to Dan's pleasure. Meanwhile Junior and Minnie are still pinned, commenting people are going to start getting weird ideas about them.

Grim arrives on scene and uninterested in what Junior and Minnie are doing he tells them to do it elsewhere. Junior points out that they are in a bit of a awkward predicament and asks his father for help, who much to Juniors protests frees them by cutting off his tentacles. Grim orders Pain and the guards to pick themselves up threatening to feed them to the dog if they don't. He also finds Mimi's map which she dropped in the commotion.

Grim rushes into the vault leading to a awkward situation for him as he apparently isn't use to seeing Mandy in her undergarments. Grim gives Mandy Mimi's map of the castle which not only details the entire castle but also explains what she's looking for, suspecting a spy for one of Mandy's many enemies being responsible. Junior and Minnie arrive in the vault, also in for a awkward situation thanks to Mandy's... wardrobe.

Minnie in particular is rendered self conscious realizing the irony of her name. Junior asks his mother to let him deal with Mimi seeing as how he knows her but Mandy is not willing to listen. Instead she decides to give Mimi exactly what she wants bringing out Horror's Hand Mimi is sucked inside her own worst nightmare, the destruction of her home town Megaville by HIM.

Mimi was not always the fearsome being she is now, in fact not too long ago she was a crippled little girl with a big purple bow and confined to a wheelchair. When questioned on what is happening by Junior Grim explains that they are currently in Mimi's absolute worst nightmare, he should know since he was there, he remembers as one of the busiest times of his life.

Grim explains that Megaville was once the super hero capital of the world, heroes would come far and wide to fight the numerous villains who were drawn to the city like flies. Sadly one day a traitor in their midst allowed HIM to come in and slaughter everyone. The Lava Monster arrives to take Mimi to his master, but the last of the resistance force consisting of Raven, Hoss Delgado and Irwin intervene.

Though the Monster proves to be no match for the trio HIM also proves they are no match for him, easily killing Irwin in his bat form expressing disgust at the wasted potential. Raven and Hoss make a suicide attack on HIM but they only end up killing themselves. Blossom, Mimi's mother, soon arrives on scene to rescue her daughter, unfortunately HIM brings out his trump card, a massive monster form with which he easily defeats Blossom.

Dan comments on the fight, disappointed that someone did his job for him while he was stuck in the thermos. The nightmare ends and Mimi has proven herself unworthy of the hand, letting out a shriek so loud that even HIM hears it in the Land of Tainted Souls. Jeff begs the Demon lord to take his rage out on him instead, HIM however points out that he already is, making him suffer by watching her suffer.

Enraged at Mandy Mimi re-engages the fight with her, like wise angry at Mimi for destroying all of her display cases Mandy decides to end it, using Pentagram Generators to suck out her Devil Essence and make it part of her collection. Mandy prepares to exact her wrath on the defenseless Mimi but Junior stops her using his Nergal powers to make his last stand clear.

Impressed with Junior suddenly showing his back bone Mandy spares Mimi and allows Junior to keep her as a pet of sorts, but warns him that she had better not see her in the vault again. Minnie on the other hand is becoming angry with jealousy at Junior's affections for Mimi, even Mimi's demonic essence takes notice. Dan decides he needs to get back into shape before he makes his move in the underworld and leaves the castle.

Junior takes Mimi to his room to rest where he gets into a argument with his Nergal powers over confronting their mother. Nergal arrives and calms the boys down, explaining that he's proud of them for standing up to Mandy for Mimi and that it's about time he started to accept more responsibility. The pair notice that Mimi has disappeared and find her hiding under the bed.

She attacks the boys eventually pinning her down. Trying to calm Mimi Junior vows that he's going to help her rescue Jeff once he's strong enough, unfortunately she remains feral and hostile towards him. Minnie meanwhile is in her room wondering about Junior looking in a mirror it shatters under her angry gaze. HIM meanwhile is passing the time by doodling on a photo of Mimi's original family.

The chapter begins by explaining that of all the underworld there are five realms cautioned above all others for in each one lies one of the most despicable beings to have ever graced the underworld with their presence. They are Castle of Grim home to Mandy, the Land of Tainted Souls for HIM, the Nightosphere for Hunson Abadeer, The Ghost Zone home to Walker, and finally the City of Aku home to the demon whose name is bared the city, Aku.

The Story begins in the fifth of the five realms the City of Aku where Chi, Aku's daughter and local celebrity, has been desperately text-ting Mimi to try and get her attention. Chi soon grows paranoid about Mimi, at first believing she's mad at her about something before concluding that she's seeing someone else behind her back. Demongo comes in and is soon made into a makeshift tension ball for Chi.

Luckily for him Demongo is able to calm Chi down suggesting that Mimi's simply running errands. Demongo informs the calmed Chi that HIM is arriving downstairs. Chi goes to pick out something to wear while also sending Demongo to look after HIM for her. As Demongo goes to meet up with HIM he thinks back to how he got into this situation. Once he was one of Aku's greatest demonic generals, he was known far and wide as the the Lord of Essence.

But that all changed after his defeat at the hands of Samurai Jack, now he is reduced to a royal Court Jester/Herald for Aku and a Babysitter/Plaything for his daughter Chi. The one perk of the job is that he gets to meet and introduce all the royal guests. However even that is ruined whenever HIM comes to town because of Mimi who not only unnerves Demongo but also blatantly disregards formality with Chi who often takes Mimi up to her room.

What the two of them do up there doesn't really interest Demongo. However when HIM does arrive in his car and wearing a cow-boy outfit he is not with Mimi this time, much to Chi's disappointment who went so far as to wear an incredibly skimpy slave girl outfit to try and impress her. When questioned about where Mimi is, and about his missing claw, HIM claims that Mimi is out running errands for him, and he lost his hand in a mishap in the kitchen.

When questioned on where she is, HIM claims the mission is a private family matter and that Mimi is safe and sound, reminding Chi that where Mimi is, what she's doing, and whom she's with is not her business, advising Chi to stop annoying HIM before he has to smack his good friend's daughter silly. Undeterred Chi uses a flintlock to shoot HIM's hat off, threatening him to tell her where Mimi is.

Unfortunately not only does HIM call Chi's threat but he also bites the end off on her gun, rendering her defenseless. Luckily Chi's father Aku arrives on scene and prevents her from being killed by his old friend, apologizing to HIM about not teaching her properly on how to treat guests. To this end Aku insists that HIM wait in the hot-springs and indulge in some Sake while he deals with her.

Aku scolds his daughter for her behavior, not only did she attack HIM, his honored guest, but she did so in such a ridiculous and degrading outfit. Realizing that she's just doing this out of concern for Mimi Aku uses his shape-shifting powers to cheer her up, followed by a female form to help her dress herself in some appropriate clothing. Aku reminds "her" daughter that violence is not their way, she's royalty and "her" heir and needs to act like it.

While having her hair brushed by her Mother Chi asks her if she's lined up any suitors for her yet, according to Aku it's too soon to be thinking about marriage. That said Chi requests that Mimi be her betrothed, Aku admits that Mimi is a ideal candidate but there's a few issues surrounding that; such a decision would not sit well with the other hell lords.

Furthermore Chi would need HIM's permission to marry his daughter, and considering the display she just put on now is not a very good time to ask. With Chi now properly dressed Aku goes to attend her meeting with HIM, instructing Demongo to keep Chi out of trouble. With nothing better to do Chi vents frustrations about Mimi via her Cellphone: telling her that she hates her and doesn't care if she's with someone else now.

Now that Chi's calmed some Demongo suggests calling Mimi, while she really can't answer if Chi listens closely enough then she can hear Mimi breathing and then at least she'll know that she's alive. In the Land of Tainted Souls though Jeff hears Mimi's Cellphone ring he really can't do anything about it since he remains trapped. When no one answers the phone Chi's rage reaches new heights and she transforms into a lizard like demon.

In her new terrifying state Chi forces Demongo to sneak into the Land of Tainted Souls and figure out what is wrong with Mimi. Catching herself in the mirror Chi realizes that her once dormant shape-shifting powers have awakened, Demongo suggests that while he attends to her errand she experiment with her powers a bit. Meanwhile Aku begins her meeting with HIM, the latter taking the opportunity to flirt with her.

HIM states his sudden meeting has nothing to do with his missing hand or absent daughter and Nanny like Aku and Chi believes, instead he wishes to discuss the future of the underworld with Aku. Aku however sees through HIM's bush beatings, guessing that it's either a "uniting against a common threat" or "involving her in one of his schemes." According to him it's a little of both, leading Ikra to the conclusion that HIM got on Mandy's bad side again.

According to HIM, she guessed correctly, he'll give her more details in her office later but for the time being he suggests they just relax and forget their problems. On the subject of Mandy she is currently watching as Minnie picks off apples from her guard's heads. Requesting an update from Grim he explains to his wife that HIM will have to answer for his crimes in front of "The Council" and they'll have to give testimony.

Mandy however wants to go to war against HIM; on two separate occasions he's attacked her family and invaded her home and she has principles, namely that she's a ruthless vindictive bitch, to uphold. Grim decides to ponder his next move with a stroll around the castle while Mandy orders Minnie to hit the guards in the head, stating that if HIM wants to dance then they'll bring the dance floor down on his head.

Meanwhile in Junior's room Mimi is shown sleeping under his bed. Junior and his Nergal half have been bringing her food everyday to try and get her to eat something, all failed attempts. Junior theorizes that by cooking Jeff's specialties, namely banana bread, muffins, and truffles, they might be more successful. The Nergal hopes so because if she doesn't eat something soon she'll end up dying.

Aware of the fact that they've accumulated 200 bite-marks from Mimi Junior uses his Nergal side to create football gear-esque armor. Meanwhile Mimi is suffering from a hunger induced hallucination and sees what she believes to be Jeff in Junior's balcony window. When Junior arrives in his room Mimi is not there, apparently having chased after Jeff over the balcony.

Looking out the window the boys discover that Mimi is sleep walking across one of the spikes of the walls of the castle, deciding to figure out how she got there later they give chase. A guard spots the pair and after informing Mandy and Minnie goes to get the guards but Minnie instructs him not to bother: Minnie explains that for some reason she can't fathom Junior has taken the responsibility to protect Mimi and dealing with her is his burden alone.

Should he succeed then it will prove his growing mastery over the Nergal eye, and should he fail then that he pledge to protect will fall to ruin. Minnie's display of poetry leaves Mandy wondering if she should have sent her to school instead of hiring that tutor pointing out that a simple no would have done nicely. Junior succeeds in saving Mimi as she falls off the end of the horn using a Nergal Grappling hook.

Unfortunately Mandy soon makes it clear that she doesn't intend to make it that easy; she uses a rifle to cut the line causing the pair to resume falling. Meanwhile roughly 300 feet below Grim is enjoying his walk, stating that for once things feel peaceful around the castle. With the boys and Mimi still falling the Nergal decides to give, pardon the pun, a crash course in flying.

The Nergal instructs Junior to focus on the sky and saving Mimi instead of the ground and dying. Junior is only narrowly able to grow a pair of wings and catch Mimi before she lands on his father. Grim comments that even if he took a day off the universe probably wouldn't care. Mandy scolds her daughter for hesitating in cutting down Junior and Mimi, going so far as to call her weak and pathetic.

Mandy reminds her daughter that she got where she is today by being absolutely ruthless and remorseless, if she wanted something she took it by force. While Minnie sobs Junior takes Mimi to the safety of his bedroom. Mimi finally wakes up and immediately attacks the boys, while they discuss what to do with her she spots the muffin they brought her earlier and eats it with her usual 'muffin face' enthusiasm.

Realizing that they finally got Mimi to eat something the boys celebrate with a fist bump and go get Charles to make more. Meanwhile Minnie has returned to her room and angrily slams the door close, however she spots a gift left for her on her desk. The gift is from Mandy, in the letter she explains that Grim is taking her to a meeting of the Hell lords to try and end the cold war between Mandy and HIM.

However Mandy has no intention of making peace, she has brought down nations and destroyed families for far less than what HIM has done. To this end she warns Minnie to remember her training and keep her head stitched on straight and enjoy the gift she's given her while she still can. Mandy is seen watching as work is completed on a giant reaper-esque mecha.

Meanwhile Demongo is shown arriving in the Land of Tainted souls, having been reduced to a demonic cannon ball to get there he makes his way to HIM's office and learns that he has confiscated Mimi's cell phone, explaining why she hasn't been answering Chi's texts. Demongo also meets up with Jeff who is still imprisoned inside a cage. Meanwhile in Aku City Chi is eating dinner while looking at Mimi's last facebook update.

Suddenly a mini-Mimi appears on Chi's hand, deciding to figure out how she did it later Chi informs the proxy that she misses her and prepares to kiss it when Demongo calls using Mimi's cell phone. Sending her food all over the room trying to answer the phone she is enraged to learn that Demongo got her hopes up for nothing, transforming into a even more monstrous form as a result.

Calming down Chi orders Demongo to stay on the line for a moment she slashes her wrist and allows the "blood" to poor onto her phone, which allows her to send herself over to Demongo's location in a cat form through the phone. Chi explains that she got the idea from a horror movie, she also explains that while her cat form is there the rest of her is waiting for a report.

Being taken to Jeff Chi demands to know where Mimi is and what happened to him: Jeff explains that it will take a while to which Chi instructs him to tell her everything. Meanwhile HIM and Aku, by now back to his default form, have left the hot-springs and HIM has explained everything that happened, agreeing that HIM is in quite the situation. However Aku refuses to aid his old friend in the war to come.

Neither Aku nor Mandy have any grievance towards one another, and they have a past that suggests that they left on good terms. Furthermore Mandy's drive and ruthlessness are second to none: he won't risk his family or kingdom dealing with her. To this end HIM attempts to remind Aku that the only weapon in existence that can end him is in Mandy's vault which Aku reminds HIM that it's completely useless in Mandy's hands.

There hasn't been one capable of wielding the weapon since his old rival Jack died and hence he has no reason to fear the sword. HIM attributes Jack's death as the reason why Aku lost his zeal, despite their rivalry Aku greatly misses the challenge in his life that Jack gave him and suspects a similar relationship between HIM and Blossom. Aku also warns HIM not to mention any of this to Chi.

Unfortunately at the same time Jeff finishes explaining what happened to Mimi to Chi. Chi is understandably enraged: Jeff abandoned his post as Mimi's protector and care giver for two complete strangers and now Mimi is the one made to pay for it. Chi thinks back to her time with Mimi and claims that she knew she should have taken Mimi away from HIM and his empire the moment that she met her.

Taking notice of a picture on HIM's wall Demongo realizes that the young girl depicted resembles Mimi, and that the woman with her must be her mother. Jeff explains that the woman is Mimi's mother Blossom and that they meant the world to one another. Examining the picture closely Chi has a disturbing vision of the human Mimi killing her, falling over out of ignorance in the process.

Demongo awakens Chi and for his troubles is sliced to pieces by the annoyed cat like demon. The cat Chi uses Mimi's cell phone to call and reunite with her larger counterpart back in her room. Chi takes a moment to give herself a scratch before reabsorbing herself and all information contained there in. Demongo follows the cat through the cell phone, stating that it was far better then being shot out of a cannon again.

Unfortunately a angry Chi splatters the Demon soul on the ground, her shape shifting now out of control with rage she destroys her kimono and most of her things as she attacks Demongo again. The guards outside her room decide to let Demongo deal with Chi. Appearing to calm down she snuggles Demongo as she rests on the ground. When Demongo asks her what she saw she simply informs him that it's none of his concern.

Chi also requests all the information Demongo has on the Grim family. Meanwhile Minnie has opened her gift and is putting it on, revealing it to be a battle outfit which she got from her mother. Once finished, she slices her mirror, which displayed a drawing of Mimi, in half.

The chapter opens in a flashback sequence in The City of Aku. At her request Jeff has brought Mimi to a concert, which is unusual behavior for Mimi considering her distaste for crowds and Fun not being her thing. However Mimi's reasons are soon made clear when the DJ unveils the princess of Darkness and pop idol of the underworld Chi, Mimi's crush.

After the concert Mimi is walking through the city when she hears a cry for help, she spots a group of Aku's bodyguards in a alleyway, most of them dead at the hands of Skulker who has the final guard in a death grip and holding the unconscious Chi under his arm, claiming that his goal is to start a war. Skulker kills the final guard enraging the young devil hybrid whom rushes in armed with an cake mixer and rolling pin.

Predictably Skulker easily disables Mimi with a tasergun. Mimi awakens from the dream of this memory underneath Junior's bed in the castle. Meanwhile Demongo is telling Chi the history of GrimSkull, before Chi tells him to skip to the important part: how to get in and out. According to Demongo the Castle is built on top of a mountain considered to be so treacherous it's un-climbable.

With that information logically a aerial approach is the sound choice, however Mandy's "Archer's" constantly watch the skies around the castle and shoot down anyone on aerial approach making a mountain climb the safer of the two options, particularly if Mimi was already able to make the climb safely. However according to Demongo getting into the castle is far easier than getting out.

While there has been plenty of reports of people breaking in thus far no one has broken out. Regardless Chi believes that if the castle's interior and residents are as "feeble" as it's exterior then they have nothing to worry about and that Mandy's reputation in particular has been greatly exaggerated. Meanwhile Junior is revealed to be skating through the castle with a platter of Muffins.

Moving on from the castle's exterior to its interior Demongo voices his belief that Mandy's eldest son, Grim Junior, is the weakest among the castle's inhabitants: although he's in line to inherit the Grim Reaper's position he has thus far displayed no talents or abilities aside from playing the trumpet so badly your ears would bleed. Meanwhile Junior skids to a stop in the halls and feeds his Nergaling a fly's soul as a snack.

Passing by a guard named William he explains to Junior that he is on his way to replace yet another of Minnie's mirror's. Although she is alright she has broken five mirrors in as many nights. Deciding to pay her a visit Junior changes into his new Nergal form in order to show his sister, in spite of the Nergal's doubts, only to be shocked by her new look.

Meanwhile remembering that Jeff mentioned a sister Chi asks about it. According to Demongo's rumors Minnie is patient, reserved, kind and very talented young lady, in spite of her name she is less a younger version of her mother and instead is said to embody all of very little is good in the underworld. Initially flabbergasted by Minnie Junior offers her a muffin.

To which Minnie discards after one bite calling both it, Junior's taste in clothing, and Mimi all disgusting before rudely slamming the door shut in his face. Now that the issue of "the Brats" are sorted Chi wants to know about Grim and Mandy, the lord and lady of the castle. According to Demongo a couple decades ago Grim lost a bet with two children and became their eternal slave and best friend as a result.

Grim meanwhile is stoned on Cyanide and experimenting with the artifacts in Mandy's vault with a reluctant Lord Pain. Aware of the fact that HIM is trying to forge an alliance with Aku Grim is trying to create a weapon that can defeat him, to this end he is planning to "taint" Jack's sword with Mimi's Devil Essence. Demongo explains that of all the "disappointments" living in the castle there is one Chi should fear.

When those two children enslaved the Grim Reaper it was the girl who kept Grim in line and on all fours like a whimpering Hell Hound, who would well and truly break the Reaper, and who would grow up to be his wife. At a very young age she had a perception of darkness that even the most demented and twisted of souls would come to envy.

Armies have crumbled under her gaze alone and those who followed her either stood with her permission or when she held them on their feet by their throats. Although widely known as the "Queen Bitch" her name is Mandy and she would kill anyone who stood so much as a toe out of line. At the same time Mandy arrives in the Vault, just in time to witness Grim's experiment explode.

Once the dust has settled the assembled audience bears witness as the sword has been transformed from what could have been the trump card against HIM and Aku into a useless, albeit extremely powerful but useless non-the-less, possessed blade leading Grim to wonder exactly what the devil essence is. Mandy on the other hand is furious and wants one reason why she shouldn't strike Grim down with the very weapon he's created.

To which Grim claims that since the sword was useless against the innocent HIM would likely have sent a army of cute and adorable puppies to their door step to counteract it, leading Mandy to conclude that Grim is drunk. Meanwhile Chi and Demongo are wondering what it would be like to witness Mandy bring her wrath down upon her husband, and concludes that it would very amusing.

Fortunately for Grim Mandy likes the sword better the way it is, it was something of a eyesore among a collection of darkly stained glory, she only kept it as a reminder of the way things were before, and she had no plans for the holy weapon anyway. However there is another topic to discuss: a summons of the underworld's lords that Grim received earlier today.

Mandy concludes that if the meeting demands the presence of all the under-lords then HIM will be there too. Grim concurs and according to him, HIM is drafting his excuse to how he got them all into this mess as they speak. Meanwhile HIM is currently getting drunk off of his rocker with Aku-as-Ikra, the two discussing Mimi's predicament.

According to HIM even if he was worried about whatever Mandy is doing to Mimi right now he is quite confident that it's nothing worse than what he's already done to her. Changing the subject, and unaware that her daughter's rat proxy is watching them, Ikra asks Him why he's so obsessed with making Mandy his bride.

More specifically Aku is wondering why he chose Mandy over her. HIM lists obvious reasons as Mandy's "Soul Shredding glare, Limitless Ambition, and Really Hot Rack" but to answer Aku's question "they're bros and they don't screw each other." Having witnessed the intimate exchange between the two Underlords Chi has a brief fantasy of her and Mimi as adults in similar positions.

The Rat-Chi reports back to Chi while Aku attempts to convince HIM to become more "persuasive" in asking her for help. Demongo is finishing telling Chi, both of whom are in the hot-springs, what he knows about the Grim Castle. Humor aside even with this information and Chi's immortality attacking the Grim Castle is beyond reckless, that said Chi claims that she indeed has a plan.

Reabsorbing the rat proxy Chi orders her servants to dress her and take her back to her room, with a box of muffins, before ordering them to leave her be. According to Chi a shrine in her room she has dedicated to Mimi is the one place in the castle that her father's numerous eyes and ears don't extend to, thus they can openly discuss the rescue plan for Mimi in there.

Demongo has his doubts and believes that Aku simply doesn't want to embarrass Chi by bringing the subject up in conversation. According to Demongo Aku has received a summons of the Under-lords for the meeting regarding what to do with HIM, along with Mandy leaving her castle vulnerable to invasion. However as Demongo points out Chi doesn't have a plan to sneak out of her own castle.

Chi claims she intends to make use of her new-found abilities to fool the castle's servants into thinking that she's there when she's not, and to this end Chi reveals a tantō in the box that she uses to stab herself in the abdomen. Demongo, aware of the fact that Chi's actions haven't hurt her one bit, prepares to leave only to be grabbed by a second Chi wearing Mimi's clothes from her shrine.

Chi studies her counterpart and notes that she appears to be exact duplicate, Demongo once again noting Chi's rapid mastery of her powers. Chi's servants arrive with her food, and taking care not let any of them know that there are two of them, takes the burgers and discusses the plan with herself, before the duplicate reminds Chi that she has all of her memories and already knows what to do inside and out.

That said Chi notes how good she looks in Mimi's clothes and the clone suggests she try them on. Meanwhile Junior is shown running a bath. The easy part over with he and the Nergaling armor themselves and wrestle Mimi into the bath room, suddenly becoming more co-operative when she realizes what they're trying to do, leading to Mimi to literally jump out of her clothes into the bath.

Noting that Mimi seems to like baths the pair realize that they don't have any clothes for her, making note of Junior's closet full of horrible taste in fashion. They briefly consider asking Minnie but the Nergal points out that after their little chat with Minnie that's probably a bad idea. Instead the Nergal wants to ask Mandy if she has any clothes that would fit Mimi, feeling very uncomfortable around Minnie right now.

Evidently Mandy wants to talk with Junior as well, waiting for him in her night gown, alongside Minnie in her room. Mandy questions Junior on how Mimi's doing, Junior claiming that she's behaving herself with the Nergal sarcastically claiming that she's been a 'little angel.' Mandy explains that between her upcoming meeting with the council and Mimi's new arrival Mandy doesn't want any more surprises while she's gone.

To this end she is activating every singular trap inside the castle, ranging from axe wielding knight robots to pit-traps. To this end she wants to remind both Minnie and Junior to study the manual regarding the castle's traps, for their own safety, Junior noting that it's a tad bit overkill. With that settled Junior goes through the awkward process of asking to borrow his mother's old clothes.

Assuming that Junior wants them for Mimi, and after guessing why he doesn't ask Minnie, she gives him the clothes. Later on the Nergal warns Junior that Minnie plans on doing something horrible to Mimi, and that they have to keep a close eye on them both. Junior doesn't understand why the Nergaling is trying to push Minnie and him apart, as he's only just now started to get along with her.

The Nergaling warns Junior that the sweet smile Minnie wears is merely a facade, deep down she is just like her mother, and now that's coming to the surface. Junior reminds the Nergaling that Junior has all of Minnie's memories and knows her inside and out, furthermore Junior also reminds the Nergaling that it has no standing with him, as it took over his body and went on a rampage claimed the lives of thousands.

The Nergal claims that it's actions were the end result of abuse that it suffered while it was still a part of Minnie, stating that it was little more than a slave and a mistreated tool. Furthermore it has grown to like Junior as he is far nicer that Minnie. That said it decides to retreat into his body for now until Junior sees the truth regarding his sister. Meanwhile Mimi is enjoying her bath, with enthusiasm.

Unfortunately Junior comes in to take her to get dressed and after much effort wrestles her out of the bath tub and into a towel, leading to Mimi to kick Junior into the tub. Meanwhile Chi is re-enacting her first meeting with Mimi, with the original Chi as Chi, the clone Chi as Mimi, and Demongo as Skulker. Chi's version of events are a little different, whereas Mimi was only able to stall Skulker long enough for Aku to show up the clone punches out Demongo with one hit.

Also whereas Chi jumped into the arms of her rescuer without hesitation Chi at first refused to socialized with 'a commoner' like Mimi. In response to Demongo's 'faulty memory' Chi splats him against a wall. At the same time one of Aku's servants comes to get Chi. Telling the servant to wait Chi puts her plan into motion, switching outfits with her clone, the most important being the flower in her hair.

Meanwhile Aku still as Ikra is giving out the marching orders to her men, instructing them that they are to tend to Chi's every whim and demand while she is gone with the exception of any request that requires that she leave the citadel. On cue the clone Chi arrives as per Aku's request, the latter stating that she'll miss her Blossoming, Bubbly little Buttercup and embarrassingly gives her fond farewells.

That aside HIM takes the liberty of assuring the Clone Chi that Mimi is okay and not to worry about her. With that out of the way the Cthulu Express arrives to take them away. Aku leaves some last minute instructions for Demongo, specifically that he's not to let Chi out of his sight, a task he promises will be completed.

After Aku leaves with HIM on the Train one of the guards voices his opinion that looking after Chi will be easy, to which the other one deduces that he's new. Over hearing the two guards the Clone Chi shouts in frustration and darkly promises the two that she intends to make sure that they do their jobs, "even if it kills them."

The Clone Chi sends Demongo off to do his job while she gathers together the guards and servants, and deciding that they have nothing better to do ordered all of the guards to do 'that Korean dance.' In the mean time Demongo has reunited with the real Chi who is now better dressed, a rain coat with her hair in buns, for sneaking out.

While the two converse the pair hear music from the main hall and observes that the Clone Chi along with the Guards and servants are all doing the "Gangnam Style" dance, as a distraction for her. The pair decide that the best way to travel is by Monochromicorn, a rare high quality steed. Specifically, Captain Sparrow, a gift from Hunson Abadeer.

While Chi and Demongo leave on Captain Sparrow the Clone Chi is beginning a production of Frozen with her in the lead when one of the guards informs her that Sparrow has been stolen. The Clone Chi immediately sends her guards on a wild goose chase after the Monochromicorn in the city knowing that Chi is already getting away.

Mimi is in Junior's room trying on the Maid outfit Junior had brought her. However in spite of Junior's efforts to strike up a conversation with her about the other dress Mimi immediately ducks back under the bed. When Junior tries to talk to his Nergaling he learns he is still giving him the silent treatment. Before Junior can do anything else, the Guard William calls him, and is under strict orders to bring him to see off his parents.

Junior, questions the guard if he has any siblings, to which he has ten and and at least one has tried to kill him. Junior alongside William arrive at the Cthulu express where they meet up with the rest of Junior's family. While Grim goes over the rules of the castle once more Junior notices Minnie has made another odd addition to her wardrobe, a eye patch over her missing eye.

While Junior mentally debates the reasons for her sister's odd behavior as of late his Mother hits him on the head to make him recite the general overview: they are to help defend the castle, avoid the traps and hide in the vault if things get serious. Mandy, in a rare motherly moment, also leaves Junior additional instructions to keep Mimi and Minnie safe.

Unfortunately Mimi, now noticing that the castle is empty, decides that it's the perfect time to explore the castle uninterrupted. Watching the events unfold on the Camera's Lord Pain instructs the Guards to not interfere. While there's almost nothing more that Pain would enjoy more than watching Mimi be butchered by the traps dealing with her is not his responsibility.

Meanwhile Just as Junior is about to have a long awaited chat with Minnie he is suddenly called and informed of the situation with Mimi, leading to Junior to run off to the castle after her and worsening Minnie's already sour mood. While Mimi is strolling through the castle she sees a picture of the Grim Family and suddenly has a premonition of Aku attacking the castle and leaving it in ruins.

Stunned by the disturbing vision an oblivious Junior arrives on scene and Mimi allows him to drag her back to his room. Unfortunately they stumble upon a pit trap, only narrowly being saved from dying by the Nergaling latching onto the edge of the pit to save them. Once out of the pit it's revealed that Minnie had manually triggered the trap.

Not only that but she also unleashes a Artemis fully automatic machine crossbow on the group that the Nergaling only narrowly (not to mention sarcastically) defends the group from. The Nergal comments that after weeks of fending off Mimi's attacks it's body is now more like steel than anything else. With arrows ineffective Minnie switches to Buzzsaws as Junior nears his breaking point.

Snapping, Junior declares that he's had enough as he assumed a new four armed Nergal form and cuts the saws to pieces with a new scythe. Lord Pain arrives on scene and disables the trap, Minnie leaves the scene without so much as a word while Junior leaves Mimi in Pain's care while he goes and has a long over due chat with Minnie.

Unfortunately, the new Nergal form quickly wears Junior out and he is forced to rest without talking to Minnie first. In the mean time Chi arrives at a bar on the boarder of her father's realm and the Ghost Zone. After ordering two of everything on the menu Chi and Demongo discuss their plan to break into the Grim castle.

It is Chi's intention to enter the Grim Territory through the Ghost Zone but she is met by two problems: The first is the massive barrier that separates the Ghost Zone from Aku's territory, and the second is the extreme difficulty of navigating the constantly shifting and twisting Ghost Zone, to which they need a guide, or a mercenary, thus Chi outlining her extensive financial means.

Demongo however is more than a little concerned, it seems that the only things Chi brought with her is about a third of her wardrobe and her allowance, when he was a feared general he use to lead a army not too different from these thugs, and finally it seems that they're hunting someone or something even more dangerous.

Their planning however is interrupted by the sudden appearance of someone who looks strangely familiar serving her order, apologizing for the wait as no one has ever ordered so much food before. The Waitress leaves to retrieve more food for the pair, but before they can dig in they are interrupted once by a pair of alien Mercenaries.

The two mercenaries, one a exceptionally handsome feline like alien, the other a rather hideous amalgam of different alien parts, introduce themselves as R&K Tourism. Basically, they offer protection and guidance through hostile territory in the underworld, and having over heard the pair's conversation and seeing the absurd amount of money Chi has on hand they would like to offer their services.

Chi politely, at first, turns down the pair's offer. While she has the utmost confidence in Rook's abilities, his partner's on the other hand, whom it should be noted has eaten the lions share of her food, does not inspire the same confidence. Kevin grows enrage with Chi and just when he's about to start something, a young man who they call Walker step in to stop them.

After letting the patrons chase the two mercenaries out of the Bar Chi decides to strike up a conversation with her waitress. In the meantime Mandy and Grim barely make it to Hey'Lr in one piece, before having a short and intense stand off with Him and Aku-as-Ikra. While Mandy and Him glare Ikra flirts with Grim, earning him a elbow in the ribs from Mandy in the process.

Later in their room Grim questions the need for Mandy to hit him. Mandy claims that she's simply not use to Aku's current form and it caught her off guard, though she also notes that Him arriving with Aku is proof that he's on guard too only he's scrambling to cover himself in front of the council. Speaking frankly Mandy doesn't care about the council's ruling and intends to carve what she is owed out of Him anyway.

It is Grim's belief one way or another that Mandy is going to go to war with Him's realm, and if she thinks it necessary, the rest of the underworld. Simply put, Mandy is bored, the Halloween Town crisis was the most fun she's had in decades, and now that her once cold black heart has started pumping again she doesn't intend to let it stop any time soon.

On the subject of Mandy's heart, Grim also points out the way it nearly skipped a beat the first time she laid eyes on Dan Phantom, and how the feeling between them appeared to be mutual, though Mandy claims she's had much better it doesn't bring the Reaper any comfort. Bringing the topic back at hand Grim recounts to Mandy a story his father use to tell him when he was a child.

In the beginning there were the entities, beings whose favorite hobbies were the creation of small scale experiments with creating new forms of life. But for every new life form that they created, there was a specific reaper corresponding to each of them meant to escort them to the afterlife. At first things were peaceful, life was stronger than death, and the reapers enjoyed a lazy easy going lifestyle.

But not all Reaper's lives were so serene, the strongest among them, and Grim's father Earl Skellington was the original Grim Reaper, the one sent to bring low those who would not go quietly, a reaper of Immortals. While it seemed Earl could do it all, one thing eluded him, that being how to truly live. Every day he would bring whatever he killed to the guardian of the life makers and without a word between them the hard earned souls of Earl would be brought back to the life makers to continue the eternal cycle.

Earl looked for ways to vent his frustrations, one of which was Miriam a fellow Reaper and Grim's mother. Wrapping up the story, Grim explains that Earl rallied the other reapers and together they assaulted the life makers realm, and won, Earl got everything he had ever wanted, and now they're the ones who have to pay the price for his hubris.

Cutting back to the castle, the Nergaling is carrying Junior around the castle on Nergal Horseback looking for Minnie while they rest up. Finding Minnie the two argue on whether or not to take precautions, the Nergal ultimately winning as they roll up to Minnie in a fully armored tank. As the two continue to bicker Minnie orders them to shut up and sit down before she drops the anvil hanging over their heads.

Although Minnie claims to want a civil conversation, her opening question is 'How fairs thine amputated whore?' Simply put, Mimi is a pawn, whether they use her or Him does is ultimately up to Junior and Minnie, and if he won't use Mimi to their advantage, then she will. The guards watching through the camera's question whether or not they should interfere though Pain tells them to stay out of it.

The conversation continues to slide down hill as Minnie blames their current situation on Mimi and Jeff, while Junior still believes that they owe them their lives. The 'session' reaching it's breaking point, Minnie challenges Junior to a fight so that he can prove his mettle to her and prove himself worthy of the power and hype that he's been on the receiving end of. Junior snaps a threat at his sister, which Minnie accepts as accepting her challenge.

As such Minnie utilizes C4 she has planted under her 'desk' to get the first strike in, followed by grappling hook her way to ceiling where enters a Mecha to fight against Junior more evenly. Knocking Junior out with a surprise attack the Nergal subsequently takes control and unleashes it's now unrestrained power on Minnie, taking a form similar to a Xenomorph queen.

Inside of Junior's mind he is tended to by the Nergal while Nergal Sr. Comments on the battle. Sr. states that Junior needs to get back into the fray and calm Minnie down, though he's in no emotional state to do so, though he might not have a choice seeing how hard Minnie is trying to wake him up. Becoming increasingly confused Junior is greeted by the sight of a new individual, Earl, who claims that Junior is disgracing both the name of Reapers and the title of the Grim Reaper.

In the mean time Clockwork is experimenting with a chess board depicting the Grim Family's forces and those belonging to Him's forces. Clockwork comments that the variables are too unstable, and they need to somehow lure Dan Phantom to Walker the Second. There's also the possibility that Aku will follow through with Him's plans and if that happens then they might not be able to reverse the situation.

Despite their best efforts they still haven't reversed the damage 'he' caused and they are running out of time to fix it.

Chi is still in the bar inhaling her food. The waitress, aware that Chi's trying to get into the Ghost Zone, informs her that it's a bad idea, the normally tightly secured realm is now under lockdown. A ghost by the name of Dan Phantom is causing untold havoc, hence all the bounty hunters gathered together at their bar. Eltros interrupts their conversation to talk with Chi who demands he takes his mask of. He does revealing his scar, gaining attention from the crowd. He tells Chi that he knows she is the daughter of Aku and requests her to go home before Aku lays waste on everyone. He continues by listing all the rules she has broken, which angers Chi. He wants to escort Chi back to prevent any further troubles. Unfortunately they are interrupted by the arrival of Dan Phantom.

Everyone in the bar heads outside, including Eltros who tells Chi to stay put, she doesn't. He gladly challenges anyone who wants to claim his title as 'destroyer of champions'. There is also a bounty put on his head by Eltros, so anyone who defeats him can claim that too. Lobo is the first one to start attacking, quickly followed by the others. Eltros also opens fire to apprehend Dan. Jewel explains he came from Castle Grim, having faced the 'Bitch Queen' and that he can break through shields with his ghostly wail. Chi sees an opening into the Ghost Zone, Jewel wants to escort her away, but Chi says it will be fine and tries to kiss her only to be rejected. Jewel goes back to Nooma and discovers Chi has racked up a huge bill that she has to pay and Nooma wants Jewel to go after her to pay it.

Chi goes around back to Captain Sparrow to go through the hole in the barrier, Demongo's worried though that they will get lost in the Ghost Zone without a map. Demongo tries to stop her but fails to do so. Kevin and Rook suddenly appear again offering to guide her through the Ghost Zone. Chi however takes a stand as no one will take her horse.

Meanwhile Junior finds himself in the Dead Tides, a world inside of the reaper mind. A reaper named 'King' says that he summoned Junior concerning his Nergaling as well as have an intervention of who he really is. He shows his ancestors and inquires that Junior should become a true reaper as well. His Nergaling suddenly appears, an unlikely event as only reapers can access the Dead Tides. Other reapers also comment on Junior being an abomination, not even doing the real fighting while Junior and the Nergaling claim to be a team. King however calls it ascension, a chance for reapers to become more.

At the same time Minnie and Junior are still fighting, Minnie exo-suit giving a powerful punch against Junior in his Nergaling suit and continues to slam him down to the floor. Junior realizes he is still in battle and King says to focus on that and meet with him later. Nergaling however notes that King was going to help them. King tells that they're both holding back, they need to release the shackles and become the monster they are. They defend themselves into a cocoon and monologue to Minnie to stay away from Mimi and will defeat her. They sprout from the cocoon, Junior appearing as a girl now with nergal wings and tail. Minnie continues to shoot TNT at Junior as he destroys one of the arms with his arrows. Junior charges at her, dropping a smoke bomb, Minnie catches a decoy Junior as he slices the exo-suit to pieces, rendering Minnie useless in it. Minnie is down on the ground and Junior claims his victory as he stabs through Minnie, reaping her soul.

He makes is very clear to Minnie that she will not hurt Mimi, that Junior is the reaper of her soul and has authority over that and that she will not use them as her puppet as they will make their own path. Minnie however gets furious and uses her Nergal tongue to control the Nergaling who then stabs Junior through his chest. Nergaling begs to not do it but Minnie commands him to slice Junior in half. Lord Pain and the skeleton guards observe the fight but Pain says not to interfere and keep protecting Mimi. King walks away from the scene he observed in the Dead Tides, saying that they need to visit an old friend to fix the problem.

Further Orientation


It starts with Mimi who was seen fighting Mina Harper and attacking her with a steak and mallet. After Mina was hit she transformed into a demon wolf and tried to attack Mimi but, Mimi was able to stop her by putting a piece a garlic bread in her mouth which made her transform back into her vampire self.

As soon as Mina was on the ground Mimi threw a house above her and Vlad the Count called out to Mina to use her mist powers. When the house finally crashed Mina was able to use her mist powers in time, but Mimi used a vacuum cleaner to suck up Mina while she was using her mist powers and shook her until she gave up. Mimi throws the vacuum down. Mina crawls out in her bat form when Mimi proceeds to hit her with a "Home For Sale" sign.

While Mina is down Mimi tries to kill Mina with the sharp end of the sign but Mina is saved by Vlad in his monster bat form. Mimi attempts to attack again with a car but HIM interrupts. HIM then explains to Vlad about an agreement about his castle being his due to their agreement but Vlad retaliates by stating he didn't "sign a contract". HIM rephrases but this time stating Mina made the deal, showing her contract.

Vlad didn't understand and got angry at Mina while Jeff suddenly saw Mimi's claw fall off. Mina is furious at Vlad stating that she doesn't want to be a vampire anymore and indicates that she was originally human and wants to be again, instead of being trapped in the ageless body of a seven year old vampire. Uninterested in the fight between the two vampires HIM spots Mimi and Jeff hiding behind a umbrella.

Mimi is attempting to pull herself together before HIM notices she's turning back to human. HIM confronts the two and Mimi covers for them by revealing some lewd photo's of herself on Facebook. Satisfied HIM begins walking back home, though Jeff quietly tells Mimi to remove and delete the photo once they're home or else it's no more Facebook for her.

On their way back home Jeff states that he feels sorry for Mina, being taken away from her family and turned into a monster. HIM overhears the conversation, and informs Jeff that if he has something to say then he should do so before he sends Mimi back to the infusion pit. Jeff reminds HIM that today is Mimi's birthday. HIM however is uninterested in a party, let alone one without strippers.

HIM receives a call prompting HIM to tell Jeff to prepare the refreshments as they will be having guests. In HIM's office Hunson Abadeer comments upon HIM's family photo's, particularly on Blossom, whom Hunson claims HIM always thought more of her then he let on. There are also several photo's of Mimi and her progressive transformation into a demon, commenting that HIM "really messed her up".

Hunson convinces HIM to throw Mimi the party on the condition that male strippers are present and that she's ready and rested for tomorrow's missions. Jeff makes a muffin for Mimi, the latter in the middle of a staring contest with the Lava Monster, the latest of many "battles" between the two, previous battles lncluding Star Craft, Call of Duty, Clue, Card Wars, Super Smash Brothers, Rock Paper Scissors, and Dance Dance Revolution.

With the exception of Rock Paper Scissors Mimi has won them all. The Lava Monster wins the contest when Mimi rubs one of her eyes and thus Jeff starts the party with the Birthday Muffin. Unfortunately Muffins are Mimi's favorite food and thus attempts to eat it without blowing out her candles. Jeff and the Monster restrain Mimi and give her, her gift from Raven.

Recognizing Raven's picture on the tag Mimi breaks free from her restraints and grab's the gift as she remembered how she befriended Raven during her last party. Flashing back to last year Dexter is giving a demonstration of The Nephilim to General Specific and Private Public. The Nephilim acts as a amplifier for Mimi's precognitive abilities, though Mimi can only predict crimes committed by Meta-humans they're making the most of it.

The Justice Friends have set up their network all over the world using her abilities to find the criminals before they appear. As General Specific puts it she lines them up and they knock them down. The only flaw in the system is that non meta super geniuses are immune to the process, to which Dexter explains that is where he comes in, he can take anyone in the world that isn't a super human in a battle of the brains.

Then the General asks what would happen if he came with a army of tanks, men and jets with orders to blow the entire place to kingdom come and shut down the "overseer project". Dexter explains that unless the army contained Mutant animals, Meta-humans, aliens or alien technology then she wouldn't be able to see them coming. That settled the general reminds Dexter who Mimi's father is, and that he's going to come for her eventually.

Finally getting rid of the army personnel Dexter tells Jeff to come out, questioning if the preparations are complete as Mimi's birthday party begins. Jeff has already cooked all of Mimi's favorite foods for the party, unfortunately Mimi's mother, Blossom, is out on a important mission at the moment and can't make it back. Raven, transformed into a bunny rabbit, comes in and with a bit of tough love explains that Blossom is out trying to keep the world safe.

She also reminds Mimi that saving the world also means saving Mimi. Though she calms Mimi she's slightly angered. When questioned why she's a rabbit Raven reminds Jeff that it was his idea for the party to have a mascot. Unfortunately Raven's horrible version of Happy Birthday pushes Mimi over the edge who starts a food fight with Raven by dropping her cake on Raven via telekinesis.

The fight ends sooner than Dexter expected, Raven goes to take a shower to wash the food off. Jeff however asks her for another favor, which as it turns out is to give Mimi a bath. While bathing Mimi Raven offers a truce for Jeff's sake. However Mimi becomes fascinated by Raven's chakra gem and begins touching it several times. With Mimi sufficiently clean now Raven goes to get her new cloths.

Unfortunately Raven slips on a bar of soap and Mimi saves her with her telekinesis. Deciding that she should repay Mimi she offers to buy her a gift for her next birthday. Mimi explains that she wants a chakra gem like Raven's for her birth day and Raven reluctantly agrees to buy it for her, before Mimi drops her into the tub and playfully splashes her. Now back into the present instead of a ruby like she expected she has a gold pendant.

Overwhelmed with emotion Mimi rips the chain off of the coin and burns it into her forehead, like her modern appearance. With that settled HIM's contribution arrive, several of his minions dressed as male strippers who then dance with Mimi. Several hours later Mimi is getting ready for Bed, Jeff reminding her that while today was fun tomorrow they have a lot of work to do so she should rest, giving him a kiss before going to bed.


Skulker is send on a mission by Clockwork for a very high reward. He ends up in a bar at the border of the City of Aku. As he enters everyone leaves, including a young Eltros Walker. The waiter, Skyla, is angry as they all hadn't paid. She pours him coffee and comments that his type always try to intimidating. Skyla goes to get his order from Nooma, who had it prepared already. Skulker displays that he has caught a human-ghost in his Fenton thermos, Skyla goes on that her mother was a powerful bounty hunter that supposedly captured Skaath's corax and how she wants to be a bounty hunter too.

It is then when Technus enters the bar after being told Skulker is there. He plans to turn Skulker into his drone so he can conquer the Underworld. Skulker however is there to collect him as well. A fight commences between the two, Skyla getting caught in between. Nooma gets scraped by one of Technus' lasers prompting Skyla to go to him, Skulker covering for her. Unfortunately Technus manages to land a fatal blow on Skyla as Skulker only used her as a distraction. Skulker hits Technus as well followed by an EMP which electrocutes him, Skulker catches him in the thermos and leaves the dead Skyla behind with Nooma.

As he exits the bar he reports to Clockwork that he completed the task. Clockwork commenting he is not done yet. Walker approaches with the police, having been alerted by his son Eltros. They take aim at him and Walker orders his police to capture him.

Noncanon.png ATTENTION: This article contains non-canon information. This means it isn't in one of the comics and also not planned for the future.

The story is set roughly 7-8 years after "What About Mimi" with Grim Jr., Minniemandy and Mimi are now young adults and Mandy has given birth to the twin daughter and son of Dan Phantom, Daniela Phantom and Manny Phantom.

Grim Jr. is sleeping on a rock somewhere in the Underworld when he is awoken by rather nasty dream involving his sister whom declares that she should have left him to die. Junior has another argument with his Nergaling about the recent string of child kidnappings in the underworld. While the Nergal wants to investigate the disappearance of Mina Harper for Vlad the Count Junior is not interested in work without pay.

The next day Junior returned to Castle of Grim for the first time in 3 years for Minimandy's 20th birthday. He interrupts his twin siblings Manny and Dani in yet another of their infamous fights, which Daniela seem to be winning despite the fact that she's not really fighting back. During the fight Manny lands a hit that sends his sister flying into their older brother.

Dani initially reacts with disgust to Junior and in particular his Nergaling, the latter commenting that Dani literally looks good enough to eat. "Jokes" aside Junior questions why the twins are trying to kill each other, according to Dani they were having another argument about how they treat each other. The fight is ultimately broken up their mother Mandy whom instructs the pair to return to their studies.

The twins guess that Junior is back for Minnie's birthday, to which they inform the celebrations were cancelled. Junior goes through the castle looking for Minnie and ultimately stops at her room. There he reminisces about their tear jerking separation three years ago: Junior was beginning to lose control of his powers and choose to leave in order to protect his family, especially Minnie who was heartbroken to lose him.

Furthermore Junior has felt nothing but guilt for leaving Minnie behind, even after having gained complete control over his vast power he stayed away for years longer then he had to so that he could go on adventures around the Underworld and someday come home feeling as if the time he spent away could be justified only to finally work up the courage to come home and discover his sister not even home.

Meanwhile Grim and Mandy are discussing Minnie and Junior. Grim does not wish to break Junior's heart by telling him the truth about Minnie's disappearance but Mandy points out that he's grown up from the child that would have bent to their every whim and he'll be furious with them when he finds out. Sadly Junior overhears the conversation and threatens his parents with his powers demanding to know where Minnie is.

Mandy explains that they initially believed Minnie had left on her own volition three months ago on her own journey working under the belief that Junior abandoned her because of her ageless body. However they've recently received a letter from their "old friend" Boogeyman stating that he has Minnie and will only return her in exchange for Grim's scythe.

Junior is understandably enraged to learn that his parents have done nothing to save Minnie and flies off through a newly blown hole in the wall in search of her. The twins spied on the whole exchange and ultimately decide to aid their brother in looking for her. Dani instructs Manny to hold her hand, Manny entirely misinterprets Dani's intentions leading to Dani to forcibly render them both invisible and chase after Junior.

Meanwhile Minnie, now missing both of her eyes, is walking through Boogeyman's Castle when the latter catches up with her. He sweet talk's the depressed Minnie and informs her that some individuals were spotted leaving Castle of grim, apparently in search of her, and that Junior is causing a ruckus in the underworld asking for them.

Boogieman has his servant Empheles go spy on, and if necessary kill, Junior to learn any valuable information about the Grim Reaper while he prepares for his and Minnie's wedding. Drax, Boogieman's resident mad scientist, goes to make some adjustments to Empheles before he leaves so that he may watch the proceedings on his computer.

On his way out Drax expresses his interest in Minnie and confesses that if she weren't already his master's he'd take her for his own experiments, leading to Minnie to smack him for his vulgar and disrespectful speech manners. Meanwhile Junior finishes killing another monster and camps for the night. The twins are still spying on him and Manny complains that he's hungry and wondering why they're spying on Junior.

Empheles meanwhile is watching the trio, Drax wants to know how Empheles stands up against the famed Grim Reaper, Empheles however points out that this is supposed to be a reconnaissance mission. Before Drax can emphasize his point about that he is Empheles one true master he notes that there's something unusual about the twins and orders his computer to study them further.

Junior makes contact with Mimi and asks her if she can find some information on Boogeyman's messenger Empheles. Manny catches sight of Mimi and follows his perverted instincts to move closer to get a better look at her despite Dani warning him that he'll catch them. Drax meanwhile concludes that the twins are ghosts, powerful ghosts no less, and orders their immediate capture.

Manny meanwhile has managed to give himself away when Mimi noticed him, furthermore neither of the brothers are able to act in time when Empheles manages to take Dani hostage and teleports her back to Boogeyman's Castle. Later Manny is crying over not being able to save Dani. Junior gives Manny a soul to eat while Mimi does some research for them.

According to Mimi Empheles is a Basilican, a species of powerful Demon that was created in the image of, and subsequently wiped out, by Lucifer himself. Junior notes that a Basilican was suppose to be responsible for the recent kidnapping of children across the Underworld, and finally it's highly unusual appearance, like it was a cyborg of some kind.

To this end Mimi uses Googhoul to search for Basilican sightings and gets one hit. Meanwhile Dani awaken's hooked up to some machinery and demands an explanation. Drax starts by explaining that his associate Empheles is a Basillican he revived as a cyborg and that the machine is designed to drain Dani of her powers and energies which will unfortunately kill her as a result.

Drax also instructs Dani to discard her faith in her brothers claiming that family is simply a hindrance, he should know as he killed his own sister when she got in his way. Reminiscence aside Drax begins the procedure rendering Dani unconscious when the life starts being sucked out of her. Manny feels Dani's pain and luckily both he and Junior are already on their way.

Deciding to pick up the pace Manny bolts off to the castle without his brother and gets captured by Drax's containment field, leading Junior to note that he's rescuing all of his siblings tonight. Meanwhile Drax brings Manny inside his lab and begins his physical and psychological assessment, showing a measure of disappointment since he expected more from Mandy's last son and based on what he heard from Dani.

When Manny asks what happened to Dani Drax explains that her life force is being drained and added to his Harvester machine, a fate that Manny will share. Enraged with the mad scientist Manny uses his Ghostly Wail to break free of the containment bubble leading Drax to conclude that he doesn't need both twins and orders Empheles to kill the young Halfa.

Junior meanwhile tears apart Boogieman's forces and breaks into the castle. Boogieman explains that he won't be getting back any of his siblings tonight: the twins will likely not survive Drax's sick experiments and Minnie has no intention of returning home letting her confirm it herself. Minnie refuses to speak with Junior and reveals that she is missing both of her eyes.

Boogieman reveals that when Minnie learned that he was planning on handing her over to her parents for Grim's scythe she gave him her other eye, and as per the tradition of the Nergals she is set to be married to him. Meanwhile Empheles is about to kill Manny off, in spite of Dani's attempts to convince Manny to use his full range of powers.

Manny finally listens to his sister as the blade is about to pierce him and as a result Empheles destroys Dani's restraints instead. Meanwhile Junior and Boogieman are arguing, Boogie explaining that he has been watching their family since long before Junior was born and that they both now have part of Minnie inside of them. Seeing Minnie's dark future through her eye Boogieman doesn't blame Junior for abandoning her.

Sufficiently enraged now Junior attempts to attack Boogieman but Minnie orders him to stop. Junior decides to prove his sincerity that the power Minnie has given him means nothing to him without her by giving her back the eye she gave him so long ago, Junior collapsing with the eye no longer sustaining him, he realizes that the reason he's felt empty for so long is because he hasn't had Minnie in his life.

Meanwhile Manny and Dani have taken advantage of Drax taking five minutes to inform Empheles that "he is Stoopid" to bring out their new trump card: Dani has used her self-replicating powers to create 7 clones of herself and Manny while all the Manny's blast the pair with his Ghostly Wail. Meanwhile Boogieman accepts Junior's offer for his powers in exchange for his siblings and orders Creeper to retrieve the twins.

However Boogieman reveals that he is keeping his fiancé Minnie, whom has already made it clear she has no intention of leaving with Junior and states that he should have stated his terms before removing the eye. Boogieman explains that he intends to add the eye to his collection of life force collected from only the most powerful species of Monster in the underworld, or more specifically their children.

Junior realizes that Boogieman is responsible for the missing children and has been using them in a mad quest for power. Boogieman simply explains that his only power is to scare children so he's using that to his advantage and further explains that he is only doing the job that Junior and his father are suppose to be doing which Junior can't even do now that he's given up his power.

At this Minnie wrestles the eye out of Boogieman's hand and takes it back, along with her other eye in Boogieman's head. Meanwhile the twins have succeeded in defeating Empheles the latter declaring that the twins father must be proud of them and trained them well. However the twins claim they have no father and that they taught themselves how to use their powers.

Drax decides to kill all of them with a self destruction device he planted inside of Empheles to which end the cyborg demon shows the twins the way to safety before he explodes and kills Drax. Meanwhile Boogieman decides to teach Minnie a lesson and absorbs all the powers inside of the harvester to transform himself into a huge patchwork monster to kill the entire Grim Family.

Meanwhile Creeper and his goons catch up to the twins, and seeing as how they don't appear to be ghosts they decide to get some entertainment out of beating them up. Suddenly however they are all killed when a giant wrecking ball is thrown through the wall by Mimi. Meanwhile Boogieman has pinned Minnie down and is in the process of ripping her apart, Junior however able to use a discarded Nergal wing to reap Boogieman.

At the same time Mimi, carrying the twins with mixed results, opens a hell-portal and drags Boogieman off to his well deserved fate. Boogieman's corpse releases the souls of his victims who question Junior on who he is. Minnie makes Junior a new Nergal scythe to which the children correctly guess that he's the Grim Reaper. Junior agrees with the assessment and together with Mimi takes all the children home.

In a final scene Dan Phantom arrives at the lab and ends the story when he steps on what's left of Drax's glasses.

In Ever After there was an intermission. Grim Jr. and Minimandy were in the library of the castle and found there a book in the middle of the room locked with chains. Grim Jr. and Minnie decided to open it. When they opened it suddenly the Big Bad Wolf came out and thanked them for freeing them and he escaped. This event possibly occurred before they went to Halloween Town.

Production and Controversy

In the starting years of Grim Tales, most of the work was being done by Bleedman himself with Heather Solomon also working on the story. In the early days there was a lot of controversy about Mandy being the one responsible for multiple events that have happened in the real world, such as 9/11, as well as the Nazi references. There also was a lot of backlash concerning the incestuous relationship of Junior and Minnie.

Griddles took over as storywriter at some point and guided the story into a more serious direction, but Griddles was still bound to a red line in the story till the end of chapter 6, being able to open up a new storyline in 'What About Mimi?'. Unfortunately Griddles was fired from his position as writer at the beginning of the side-story: Grim Tales: Further Orientation - Mimi File: Birthday. NeoEdensKing replaced him, this change in writer led to much controversy.

The major problems with the comic received from this point is the insertion of many references that serve no point to the story, first notable in the 'Harlem Shake' in Further Orientation. The grammar of the comic also went downhill, some sentences not being structured right, and words being misspelled. The story was introduced to a new main character Chi. Initially she was well received, also with the mystery of how she came to be, but as the comic carried on she received a lot of backlash because she took two chapters of content all for herself, and was quickly transformed into a Mary Sue. Other complaints were that the main characters were being sidelined by Chi, plots were introduced and build up only to end without a climax, the characters barely got any development and became one-dimensional. The character of the Nergaling was completely changed from an internal struggle to a bromance for Junior, Minnie's personality completely shifted as well. The worldbuilding was also retconned. While initially made that the Underworld was a large land with multiple kingdoms, they became realms with walls between them.


  • Grim Tales Afterbirth and Chapter 6 of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi have a similar ending. Mandark/Drax blows up his laboratory to commit suicide and take the Powerpuff Girls & Dexter/Manny & Daniela with him, but they escaped. Olga/Dark Danny then visited the ruins of the laboratory and picked up/stepped on the glasses.
  • In the seventh page of another webcomic from called Soul Frontier, one of the main characters can be seen wearing a dark shirt with the writing "Grim Tales From Down Below".
  • Grim Tales is considered an alternate timeline of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
  • In Chapter 8 the word "princess" incorrectly was written twice as "princes" when Demongo referred to Chi.

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