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What about a sheep-powered ray gun developed by an angry scientist?
— Specific talking to Dexter

General Specific
General Specific (left)
Name General Specific
Origin Sheep in the Big City
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Friends Private Public, Dexter
Enemies Sheep
Occupation(s) Secret Military Organization Leader
Residence Megaville

General Specific is a character who appeared in Grim Tales Further Orientation along with his right-hand man Private Public. He is the leader of the Secret Military Organization and originates from the Cartoon Network show, Sheep in the Big City.

Grim TalesEdit

Dexter is giving a demonstration of The Nephilim to General Specific and Private Public. The Nephilim acts as a amplifier for Mimi's precognitive abilities, though Mimi can only predict crimes committed by Meta-humans they're making the most of it.

The Justice Friends have set up their network all over the world using her abilities to find the criminals before they appear. As General Specific puts it she lines them up and they knock them down. The only flaw in the system is that non meta super geniuses are immune to the process, to which Dexter explains that is where he comes in, he can take anyone in the world that isn't a super human in a battle of the brains.

Then the General asks what would happen if he came with a army of tanks, men and jets with orders to blow the entire place to kingdom come and shut down the "overseer project". Dexter explains that unless the army contained Mutant animals, Meta-humans, aliens or alien technology then she wouldn't be able to see them coming. That settled the general reminds Dexter who Mimi's father is, and that he's going to come for her eventually. Specific and Private left shortly afterwards.


General Specific is the main antagonist of the series. The dim-witted leader of the Secret Military Organization, Specific does his best to capture Sheep for his Sheep-Powered Ray Gun. He is never discouraged by his constant losses. Specific always speaks through his clenched teeth. He mentions in one episode that he has a steel plate in his head. In one episode, he also developed the habit of throwing his subordinates into "The Pit" (a door, appearing out of nowhere under the characters' feet) (he once did it to the subordinate who asked him why he doesn't simply catch some random sheep and make the Sheep-Powered Ray Gun compatible to it), but later, finds out that this is a problem, when neither he nor Private Public can man oeuvre the helicopter properly, because Specific dropped the helicopter pilot into the Pit. General Specific's name is an oxymoron.


General Specific has a big nose and is very short. He wears a military uniform. On his uniform, he has 3 medals that look like exclamation marks, and one that looks like a question mark. He also wears a big hat with a golden star on it.


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