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Name Flower
Sex Female
Species Plant
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Green
Friends Shark
Enemies Bleed Heart, Ginger, Brave
Occupation(s) Brave Heart
Residence Courage Campus

Floweris a minor character who appears in Sugar Bits. She is a member of the Brave Hearts. Her real name is yet unknown, as she didn't play a very big role. Although bigger compared with other minor Brave Hearts.

Sugar BitsEdit

Flower and Shark were send out to search for Ginger who had fall into a building after the one, where she was on, collapsed. They found her and brought her outside, not being able to see Licorice, and encounter Bleed Heart. They whitness the conflict between Licorice and Bleed Heart, although only hearing what Ginger and Bleed Heart say. They apparently see a glimpse of Lico when Bleed Heart picked her up and threw her away. When Ginger wanted to say something to Bleed Heart, he was about to punch her but Shark bit him in his arm. Flower comments that they will do everything to protect their princess and that she will defeat Bleed Heart. Before Bleed Heart could preform any attack, or even finish his sentence, he was stopped by Brave had him checkmate. Ginger commanded Shark to let go and Bleed Heart left, shortly after that the rest also left.


Flower has a big green head with a darker green shade at the top, acting as some kind of hair. On top of that she has small leafs but around her head she has very big leafs. She has blue eyes, with big eyelashes and wears the standard Brave Heart uniform. Also notable is that her arms and legs are lianes (or possibly ivy's).

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