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Name Eight-Bit
Alias 8-Bit
Sex Male
Age Infinite
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Blank
Hair Color Blue
Friends Skull Boy, L.D.G., Shish-Koom Bahmon
Residence Earth

Eight-Bit is a major character in The New Adventures of Skull Boy. He is the best friend of Skull Boy and the owner of Shish-Koom Bahmon.


8-Bit first appeared when he was downloading and uploading some stuff o break his door but the loads failed. He then called out Shich-Koom Bahmon to help him but instead his place exploded. He then escaped his house through a Mario sewer pipe and arrived in the place where he and Skull Boy would meet.

He told that his Yu-Gi-Hoe couldn't help him get out of his house, Skull Boy tried to explain it was an experiment he got from L.D.G., but 8-Bit didn't listen to him. The boys went to Seven Circles of Pizza and 8-Bit waited there for Skull Boy's shift to end.


8-Bit is a tall blue man with blue hair and blank eyes. His whole body is blue. He wears a blue cap with a smiley on it and a bandana for his mouth. He wears a long coat with high collar and a shirt underneath. The sleeves of his coat are folded, and he wears black fingertipless gloves. He wears pants with high boots with metal tips.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

8-Bit's abilities are not really completely known yet, but it is possible his abilities are to use things from games and anime as weapon. As he was seen using a NES as gauntlet and came through a Mario sewer pipe.


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