Earl Skellington
Earl The Original Grim Reaper
Name Earl Skellington
Alias The Grim Reaper (Original)
Origin The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Sex Male
Species Reaper
Status Unknown
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Grey
Relatives Jigsaw (Grandfather)
Granny Grim (Mother)
Kali (Aunt)
Miriam (Wife)
Grim Reaper (son)
Jack Skellington (son)
Mandy (daughter-in-law)
Sally (daughter-in-law)
Friends Several Fellow Reapers
Enemies Ra
Occupation(s) Reaper (Retired)
Residence Underworld

Earl Skellington, formerly known as The Grim Reaper, is a minor character in Grim Tales. Earl Skellington is the father of the current Grim Reaper and Jack Skellington. He originates from the Cartoon Network show, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Grim TalesEdit

History Edit

Earl Skellington was mentioned for the first time by Grim, when he educated Mandy about "The Early Days of the Reapers". Earl Skellington was one of oldest reapers in existence and during this period, a reapers status wasn't determined by the amount of souls he reaped but how powerful said soul was at the time of the reaping. The stronger the soul, therefore the more difficult soul to reap, the higher the Reapers rank. Earl gained the highest rank, the rank of Grim Reaper, due to his reaping prowess. As Reaper, Earl reaped a large variety of souls, as small as insects and as a big as a sentient planets.

He eventually went after even more powerful victims, he started targetting immortal gods. At one point, he tried to reap the soul of Ra.


In his prime, Earl Skellington was a tall skeleton with a small skull. He has blue eyes, a common trait amongst these Early Reapers and short black hair. He is dressed in a black longcoat with a hood. The hood is red on the inside. Underneath the longcoat, he wears a blue pants with a black belt and silver belt buckle, and black boots. He also wore fingerless gloves, similar to the ones his grandson would later wear. His weapon of choice is a scythe. His scythe had a curved snaith and a lot longer blade. And unlike Grim's weapon, Earl's scythe has an outspoken tang between his blade and the snaith.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about Earl Skellington's powers and abilities, only that he was the most powerful Reaper of his time and was strong enough to even go after gods. Only two of his abilities have been confirmed:

  • Scythe Combat: Earl was quite the capable warrior, able to hold his against enemies with using his scythe.
  • Soul Reaping: As the Grim Reaper, Earl was able to reap the soul of those who died or even removed a soul of living being, no matter who large they were. He also was able to claim the souls of Gods...


Granny Grim
Grim Reaper
Jack Skellington
Grim Jr.


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