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Don't you have work to do?
— Dr. X to Zim

Dr. Alexander Megalos

In his current alias as Dr. X

Dr. Alexander Megalos

Name Dr. Alexander Megalos
Alias Dr. Xander
Dr. X
Sex Male
Species Demon
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow (normal)
Red (angry)
Hair Color White (originally)
Bald (normal)
Fire (angry)
Relatives Bell, Mandark (adopted son), Professor Utonium (brother)
Friends Zim, Mojo Jojo, Samantha, Vexus
Enemies Powerpuff Girls, Dexter and others
Occupation(s) Scientist
Residence Black Eden

Dr. Alexander Megalos, present day known as Dr. X and also called Dr. Xander, is one of the main antagonists of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He is the father and creator of Bell and runs Black Eden.



Once known as a scientist by the name of Dr. Alexander Megalos. His past is still mysterious but he had a whole different appearance back then, having long wavy white hair covering his eyes and was wearing a lab coat. He seemed to have worked together closely with other scientists including, but not limited to, Professor Membrane, Andedonia J. Ghastly and Noreen Wakeman. Samantha was the only survivor of the Kilobot incident, he and other scientists implanted robotic parts in her in order to save her. She was taken under Dr. Xander's care and treated her like his own daughter.

At some point in time he obtained a vial of Chemical X from Professor Utonium, saying he would experiment with it. He asked Samantha to retrieve Zim from Global Defenses after he'd been locked up there, hoping he would prove a good ally. Upon her return Black Eden was in ruins and it was revealed Xander used the Chemical X on himself, transforming him into a demonic humanoid. He erased the minds of Zim and Killgore making them into their fear-induced slaves. He didn't do this to Samantha however.

He continued using the Chemical X in order to create Bell, just as Utonium created his triplet of super powered girls. He experimented lots on Bell after her birth. Time passes and he wants Samantha to demonstrate her robot parts to Bell. Against his wishes Sam brutally cuts her skin off revealing her robot arm, despite the gruesome display, Bell loves it. At a later point in time he decides that he wants to show Bell his Chemical X form. He first lets Sam display she can transform her arm into a gun, which Bell loves. However once her father transforms into Dr. X it scares her, making her cry. Dr. X tries to entertain her, show her he is still a good person. He fails to do so, transforming back and comforting her by giving GIR a doggy suit.

Zim managed to deconstruct Killgore in order to make contact with the Cluster. Vexus appeared through a portal allowing Xander to meet with her. Although the details are unknown they formed a pact which would involve Xander isolating Earth from the rest of the galaxy by slowing down space and time around its atmosphere.

After Dee Dee's death he found a grieving Mandark Astronomonov, seeing a desperate soul in need and took him into his household just like he did with Samantha. Bell grew attached to Mandark and began to see him as a brother during this time as well. Xander even said that they were almost like the family Mandark deserved, even recognizing himself as his father and put him through many trials with his last one having to be to avenge to death of his loved one. Around this time Dr. X also made his permanent transition to his demonic form.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Dr. X was first seen when he was watching the fight between the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter. Saying to Bell that the girls probably wouldn't mind her joining them, because she too is, a Powerpuff Girl.

When Bell came to the Black Eden with Mojo Jojo, Dr. X wanted to welcome him. He explained Mojo Jojo about their plan to destroy the Earth but that only there was one thing in their way: the Powerpuff Girls. He said he was gathering people like Mojo to make a giant army of them. One of them was Mandark of whom he told that his only reason for living is getting revenge on his rival, Dexter.

He was observing the fight between Dexter and Mandark, and Zim questioned what Mandark's past was. Dr. X explained the whole story of Mandark's rivalry with Dexter and his close relationship with Bell. When Dexter and the others defeated Mandark, who commited suicide afterwards, Dr. X was confronted by his daughter. Bell blamed him for doing nothing and wanted to fight him. However it ended up in Dr. X spanking her butt and telling her to never act so towards him.

As the story continues on, he is seen when he gave Bell an assignment to go to the moon and activate a giant machine that was part of their plan. However he gets worried about Bell when he losdt contact with her when she did her space suit off. However when she put her helmet back on he said Bell to get home immediately because it is not healthy on the moon.

Later, after the explosion was set off during the conflict in the Science Convention, he and Zim were looking at the bright explosion, coming from the bomb, approaching them. He briefly stated to Zim that this explosion might be the future, although he couldn't tell for certain. After the explosion went off he called Bell and asked for her coordinates. He allowed Bell to play in the snow for a little while now that they had some free time and the DarkStar Council was eliminated. However Zim and Mojo Jojo would come to pick her up eventually.


Dr. Xander is a rather tall Caucasian man with long, wavy white hair that casts a shadow over his eyes, reaching his shoulders. He usually wears a long lab coat with long sleeves which he has buttoned at his wrists. He doesn't have his lab coat buttoned and underneath wears some kind of gown in a turqoise color. Underneath that he wears a white blouse with a black tie.

When he became Dr. X his appearance drastically changed. The biggest change is that the color of his skin turned orange. He has six eyes four on his stomach and two on his head for the ones on his head he uses glasses. He also has golden buttons on his body and one on his forehead. He doesn't has hair but instead he has flames on his head. He wears gray pants with black shoes and a black belt. He has gray sleaves and also has a gray cape.

Powers and Abilties

Dr. X has some form of hypnosis, as shown when he threatened Zim and Killgore. He also, appears to have pyrokinesis, though this is implied.  Dr. X seems to have a high IQ as seen in his days of being Dr. Xander. He was working closely with Nora Wakeman and other scientists to support this. He helped to turn Samantha into the cyborg she is now, and like Utonium attempted to create the perfect little girl, resulting in Bell.


  • Dr. Brisbaine could be the alternate ego of Dr. X, however that remains unknown.
  • Dr. X has the same cup as Professor Utonium with the text World's Best Dad of All Time. This can be ironic, however, because he's not being really fatherly for Bell, which is due to focusing more on making and initiating plans for world domination rather than spending some time with her.
  • In Chapter 7 of the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Dr. X has a Haruhi Suzumiya wallpaper on his computer.
  • In Griddles' story he also is the creator of Barasia and designer of Breannin and the brother of Professor Utonium.
    • He was known as Professor Cranston T. Utonium in that version.
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