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Name Dormouse
Sex Male
Species Mouse
Status Alive
Eye Color Onyx
Hair Color Brown
Friends King
Occupation(s) Brave Heart
Residence Courage Campus

Dormouse is a minor character in Sugar Bits. He first appeared in a whole other appearance, but later appeared as a Brave Heart in chapter 6.

Sugar BitsEdit

Several mice first appeared pouring in tea for King in chapter 2. They also served soem tea to Bo and Brave. They wore black tuxedo's. A single mouse appeared later in chapter 6 talking with King about him spying in Ginger's room, as he found it a bit creepy. He then suggested he should visit his daughter, Bo. King agreed, turned off the spy cam and left. This mouse was very different than the ones from chapter 6, but he also pours in tea, and apparently also is a Brave Heart.


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