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Dib Membrane
Name Dib Membrane
Alias Agent Mothman
Origin Invader Zim (show)
Sex Male
Age 13
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Relatives Gaz Membrane (sister) Professor Membrane (father)
Enemies Zim, GIR, Tak
Occupation(s) School Student

Dib Membrane is one of the main characters appearing in Invader Zim: Manifest Doom. He is the older brother of Gaz and the arch enemy of Zim .


Dib first appeared running away from Gaz along with Zim in order to escape her wrath. During the escape he kept mocking Zim and was picking a fight with him, mocking him that his robot didn't even come when Zim ordered to. When Zim fled the scene Dib was pinned to the ground by Gaz with the fist-gun. She proceeded to threaten to kill Dib for breaking her Game Slave, but in the end didn't because of Tak 's interference.

Upon Tak's appearance Dib confesses his love for her, though it conflicts him because of his hatred for the Irken race. Tak takes advantage of the situation and seduces Dib only to taser him and take him, along with Gaz, to her lair. Inside of the lair she puts him on a virtual reality device which places him in a Street Fighter game where he battles Gaz as Ryu.


Dib resembles his father, Professor Membrane. Both have black, scythe-like hair. Many people claim that Dib's head is big, a running gag in the show; but it's not visibly bigger. The redesign process God Save the Dib, however, actually gave him a bigger head. The size of his head remained the same as the other humans in Manifest Doom to keep the joke. He also wears a trademark trenchcoat along with a blue shirt with an unsmiling grey face on it, pulled directly from Squee!, in which the main character, Todd, also known as Squee, wears the exact same shirt.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dib hasn't showed any of his abilities. But he might get his powers in the future that he used in Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom. These powers might be programmed by Professor Membrane who also has those powers.

Dib was supposedly born through a process similar to that of Irkens (likely a clone of Professor Membrane). So it is possible he also possesses other android powers.

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