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That was terrible.
— Dexter commenting on Raven's B-day song

Name Dexter
Alias Dex
Origin Dexter's Laboratory
Sex Male
Age 34
Species Cyborg
Status Unknown
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Redhead
Relatives Mom (Mother)
Dad (Father)
Dee Dee (Sister)
Monkey (Pet)
Blossom (Wife)
Bubbles, Buttercup, Bunny (sisters-in-law)
Professor Utonium (father-in-law)
Mimi (stepdaughter)
Friends Bubbles (Close friend)
Enemies Mandark Astronomonov
Residence Dexter's House,

Dexter is one of the Minor characters in  Grim Tales. He has stayed in a relationship with Blossom and probably raised Mimi along with her. He originated from the Cartoon Network series Dexter's Laboratory.

Grim TalesEdit

What about Mimi?Edit

He is one of the fallen heroes. At the end of GT:WHAM he appears in a family photo of Mimi.

Further OrientationEdit

Before the war in Megaville broke out, Dexter was using Mimi's powers to help the world from crimes commited by super powered individuals. Dexter was talking with General Specific and Private Public about Mimi's powers to predict crimes commited by super powered individuals and that she could tell the exact time and location. He told that they could easily defeat the enemies that way, and even better since Mimi was connected with The Nephilim, which boosts her powers. Dexter had a discussion with Specific about what she could actually predict and what not. After Specific left Dexter told Jeff to come out. Jeff placed Mimi in her wheelchair and the three celebrated Mimi's tenth birthday although she wanted her mother to be with her. Mimi kept crying, calling for her mother while Dexter and Jeff tried to tell her she is on a mission and can't come. Raven then appears, transformed into a bunny, and tells Mimi to stop whining and that she has to grow up. Mimi stops crying although Jeff think she was a bit harsh. Raven sung a bad version of "Happy Birthday" which Dexter thought was terrible. Mimi then used her psychonesis and lifted up her pie and threw it to Raven, Raven backfired with an apple pie and they started a food fight. Raven was mad and wanted to take a shower when Jeff asked for a favor.


In Grim Tales, Dexter takes a whole different appearance opposed to when he was young. Dexter's hair is less curly hair and of course is much taller. But the most notable thing is that his arms have been replaced with robotic arms and that he also has a metal plate on his chest. His pupils are neon blue but the rest is completely black, except for the blue lines that make their way to the edges of the eye through the black space. Dexter is still human, only with robotic parts, making him a cyborg.


  • Dexter, just like the Powerpuff Girls, has a parallel person from a parallel universe. It is stated that this person is Drax.
  • In Grim Tales, Dexter's speech bubbles are black squares with calculator-like text design.
    • This is probably meant to show that Dexter's voice has become robotic and computer like, as he is clearly shown to be a cyborg.
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