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You will refer to me as none other than... DEXTER BOY GENIUS!
— Dexter to Buttercup.

Name Dexter
Alias Dex
Origin Dexter's Laboratory
Sex Male
Age 11
Species Human
Status Alive (PPGD)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Ginger
Relatives Mom (mother)
Dad (father)
Dee Dee (sister)
Monkey (pet)
Friends Blossom (Love Interest), Otto, Coop, Olga (Love Interest), Bubbles, Buttercup
Enemies Mandark, Black Eden
Occupation(s) School Student
Residence Dexter's House, Megaville

Dexter is one of the main characters from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He currently has a crush on Blossom, although he also has shown affection for Olga. He originated from the Cartoon Network series: Dexter's Laboratory.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Dexter had at first a secret laboratory in his house, where Dee Dee usually broke into and caused chaos. One day Mandark broke in with his Jackbots and tried to destroy Dexter's lab. One of his Jackbots shot towards Dexter but Dee Dee defended him and was hit instead, killing her. Dexter couldn't handle it; he nearly killed Mandark, and started to build a gynoid replica of Dee Dee using human organs in order to make the gynoid as human as possible.

Dexter attended the Megaville Elementary school and met the Powerpuff Girls there. During recess Dexter got into a fight with them, but he eventually became friends with them. After that he mostly just hung out with Blossom prior to developing a crush on her. It was revealed that he was keeping a secret laboratory in the school as well, at the library. It could be accessed by pulling a certain book from a shelf. When Blossom saw Dexter enter it, she followed him down and saw Dee Dee's Gynoid, but he demanded her to leave.

After Blossom got captured, Otto reported the incident to Dexter, who went along with Coop in Megas to Mandark's Laboratory to save Blossom. When he was there, he broke into Mandark's lab and finally engaged Mandark to combat. After Dexter beat Mandark, he freed Blossom, but was too late since Blossom had already died. When she was dead, she encountered Grim who was ready to take her with him, but the spirit of Dee Dee came and asked Grim to let her stay alive. He complied and Dee Dee asked Blossom to take care of Dexter until she one day returns. Blossom returned alive and Mandark told Dexter that he also had a sister, and during his explanation he gradually became angrier and thought Dexter wanted to kill his sister. Mandark summoned a giant Cluster to attack Dexter. After the Cluster began crushing Dexter, he fell unconscious. Buttercup came to save him and defeated the Cluster. Mandark then activated his laboratory to self-destruct, which triggered many bombs in order to kill Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls as well as himself. Megas came in the building to save the girls and Dexter, so they escaped while leaving Mandark behind. When she was at home, Blossom explained to Dexter that she once also had a sister but since she was unstable she died.

A few days later Dexter was in a battle with a globmonster, but failed and was saved by the girls. At school Blossom attended dance lessons and Dexter came too. However, he became depressed after seeing Bubbles dance as it reminded him of Dee Dee. Blossom noticing this suggested that they should leave, which he initially agrees to. Olga, however, sees him when he's about to leave and asked if there was a genius who could fix the stage equipment and Dexter replied he could do that. After fixing it, Blossom told Dexter that the real name of Olga was Lalavava Astronominov, which shocked Dexter because he found out that Olga was the younger sister of Mandark. After that he started acting weird towards Blossom. Some time later, the whole gang, including Dexter, went to the beach. Although everything seemed normal, there were some tension among Dexter, Blossom and Olga. Olga and Dexter then got into a heated discussion whether Mandark had died or not. Dexter blamed himself for it and apologized. He promised he would fix the broken glasses that Olga found in the wreckage of her brother's lab.

At the science fair when the Clusters attacked Dexter fought the Cluster along with Mrs. Honeydew. He also saved Olga as he thought he was now responsible for her. Dexter was helping the scientists open the door to the safe room, but needed help from Bubbles. After witnessing Bubbles dispatch the Cluster bugs, he notifies Bubbles to help the scientists enter the safe room while he dispatches the Cluster bugs as they come together to form a monolith creature. When Bubbles was screaming to Olga to go get him, he came to her instead and had told Bubbles that they have a serious problem to look into. Dexter explained to Bubbles that he can't hold off the Cluster any longer and that they immediately need to close that door to the safe room. Dexter was seen inside the safe room with Olga watching Bubbles struggle to keep the Cluster monster away from the door. Then when he noticed that the bomb went off, Dexter started to feel worried about Blossom's well-being. Having thought that Blossom had met the same fate as his sister Dee Dee, Dexter started to cry while Olga tries to comfort him. As the explosion spreads, he and Olga braced each other and, as the explosion reached them, they kissed each other good-bye.

When Blossom is preparing to fire her optic lasers at the central generator where Gir is planting the bomb in, Dexter is shown in Blossom's flashback, talking about how emotions can affect what kinds of outcomes people face. He also stated to Blossom that controlling one's own emotions can make one see things more clearly, making one's understanding and decision-makings more easier and quicker.

After the explosion from the bomb vanished, he, Olga, and everybody else noticed they have survived. After checking the data on the after-effects of the bomb's explosion and overhearing Bubbles saying that Buttercup and Blossom survived as well, Dexter started to feel greatly embarrassed because he kissed Olga when the bomb exploded.

Later, he was brought to the stage by Dynamo, together with Honeydew, I.M. Weasel, Jack, Nora Wakeman, Professor Utonium and Olga. Leaving the robot, he was completely silent. When Blossom, happy to see him, hugged him, he still had no idea what to say, other that she was choking him. His calm reaction however annoyed Olga. Later, when Boomer had kissed Bubbles, Blossom made a comment on how inappropriate it is, to kiss a random person. This provided even more discomfort with Dexter, not helped by a sarcastic repeat by Olga. In surprise, he watched as Boomer started to kiss both Blossom and Olga, amongst the other females near him. Once things were cleared out, I.M. Weasel told Dexter that his facilities on the school would be essential for 'their research', much to Olga's interest. And as I.M. Weasel commented that they would need to investigate what actually happened, they all looked at the sky, which had turned pinkish purple.

Later, Dexter, along with the Powerpuff Girls, Jenny, Professor Utonium, and many other scientists were allowed into his laboratory to have a meeting, discussing about the tachyon particles afflicting the earth, moon, and possibly the solar system, and raises concerns on what it's going to do and how they should reverse it. When there was a security breach into the lab, thanks to Dib and Gaz, Dexter excused himself from the meeting to check on the intruders and make sure everything else is safe. Blossom later checks to make sure Dex is alright, and later Brick does as well. After dismissing Dib and Gaz from his laboratory, Dexter found something off about the room where the gynoid version of Dee Dee is being contained, so he checks it out when Blossom finds him. Seemingly suffering from some kind of trauma, Blossom tries to comfort Dexter while investigating the room. Upon entering it, the gynoid Dee Dee was nowhere to be found. Shocked, Dex and Blossom checked the security footage of what happened, which they discovered that Olga, wearing a mechanized armor, glares at the camera and places the late Mandark's broken glasses on it, then the camera breaks. When Brick notices the glasses still on the broken camera, he informs them that Olga was sending a message, much to Dexter's and Blossom's surprise. Believing that Olga may have deceived him, Dexter then kisses Blossom, much to her surprise and Brick's disgust.

Later, Dexter appears in Bubbles' chat while she, Blossom, Buttercup, The Rowdyruff Boys, and Jenny go to the Justice League HQ. Apparently, it looked like he didn't sleep well.

Powers, Abilities, and Weapons

Despite having no super powers, Dexter is a force to be reckoned with:

  • Super-Genius Intelligence: Dexter is one of the smartest humans on Earth, who despite his young age created his own lab and have made great discoveries and scientific inventions.
  • Chemical Intuition: Likely a result of his own master-intelligence, Dexter possess a chemical intuition, allowing him to understand chemistry on high level and do research in the field.
  • Master Mechanic and Inventor: Dexter has master-intellect which allows him to create and repair scientific wonders and sci-fi machinery. His list of inventions include but aren't limited to:
    • Chodenji Yoyo:
    • Dexo-Transformer: An exoskeleton designed to use it in order to beat some bullies during dodgeball practise, later used against the Powerpuff Girls.
    • Glasses:
    • Gynoid:
    • Laboratory:
    • Large Hadron Collider:
    • Lasergun:
    • Lightsaber:
    • Magnet Hookshot:
    • Monkey:
    • Portal:
    • Powergauntlet:
    • Powergloves:
    • Set Squares:
    • Supercomputer:
  • Hand-to-hand Combat: Despite his small stature and geeky appearance, he does posses a basic hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • Marksman: Dexter has shown to be able to throw geometry triangles and "Dexterrangs" like boomerangs and ninja stars, with a high accuracy. He also is able to fire a grappling magnet with that same accuracy.
  • Mecha Piloting: Dexter is a capable Mecha Pilot and has used this to pilot several of his own mechas.
  • Swordmanship: Dexter is able to wield a rapier and light saber in battle.


Dexter is a bit short, although somewhat taller than in his original appearance. He has ginger curly hair with some spikes at his crown and a short mullet. He still wears his semi-circular glasses. but it is revealed that he has blue eyes. Most of the times he is seen wearing a white lab-coat, the top half buttoned while the bottom is left unbuttoned. Underneath he wears a normal black shirt. He wears blue pants and are stuck into his black boots. In addition to that he also wears purple gloves. In his school uniform he still wears the same only his white lab shirt more open.


Dexter is a supremely brilliant boy with a vast knowledge of all sciences. Though American, Dexter speaks in a Russian accent. However, Dexter also possess a massive ego and hate all things stupid. But unlike the TV series, he's notably more mature in personality being less arrogant and more caring. These is probably due to the death of his sister who protect him from Mandark's attack. Despite being excessively irritated with Dee Dee due to her constant interference and stupidity in the past, he still loves her and cares about her. After witnessing her death, he couldn't accept that his sister was dead so he makes an android of her image and likeness to revive her and went so far attempting to kill Mandark. But held back due to the promise he made with his late sister. That whole experience completely change his life.


Dexter is the main protagonist of the Genndy Tartakovsky animated series Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter is a boy genius who maintains a lab behind his bookshelf, he invents strange chemicals, robots, rockets, and a giant fighting robot which he pilots and uses to fight his arch-nemesis Mandark, who owns a similar machine.


  • In the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Dexter is notably more mature in personality being less arrogant and more caring than in the television series.
  • When Dexter changes the security question from the vault he changes it into: What is cheese omelette in French? Which was the only word he knew in French: "omelette du fromage". Although at first, he changes it to "Big Red Bow" since he has his mind on Blossom, but he reset the password again due to embarrassment. The security question in French is a parody from Dexter's laboratory series, in one episode ("The Big Cheese") Dexter couldn't say anything else.[1]
  • When Otto shows Blossom the past of Dexter and Dee Dee, scenes from several episodes in the series come across:
    • "Old Man Dexter", where Dexter becomes an old man.
    • "Dollhouse Drama", where Dexter turns puppet size.
    • "The Koos is Loose", when Koosalagoopagoop, Dee Dee's imaginary friend, comes to life.
    • "Remember Me?", when Dexter gets amnesia and Dee Dee plays tricks on him
    • "The Big Sister", when Dexter makes cookies for Dee Dee which turns her into a giant.
    • "Dimwit Dexter", when Dexter overloads his brain and becomes temporarily stupid.
  • Dexter makes a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist when he summons his power-gloves.
  • In Dexter's fight against Mandark he uses various weapons borrowed from other series. The Choudenji Yo-Yo from the Combattler V show, while Mandark uses the Choudenji Top from Voltes V. They both re-enact the lightsaber fight from The Phantom Menace, and Dexter uses his own version of Captain America's shield.
  • Dexter, just like the Powerpuff Girls, has a parallel person from a parallel universe. It is stated that this person is Drax.
  • Despite many fan-originated surnames being assigned to Dexter, such as McPherson, his true surname has never been revealed.


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