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Good-bye, Dexter... I love you.
— Dee Dee after her death

Dee Dee



Dee Dee
Name Dee Dee
Origin Dexter's Laboratory
Sex Female
Age 15 (born. July 6, 1997)
Species Human (originally)
Spirit (after death)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Relatives Dad (father)
Mom (mother)
Dexter (brother)
(imaginary friend)
Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Bunny (sisters-in-law {Grim Tales only})
Mimi (stepniece {Grim Tales only})
Drax (Evil Counterpart version of her brother Dexter
Friends Mee Mee, Lee Lee, Grim
Enemies Mandark, Olga (former rival)
Occupation(s) School Student (formerly)
Dexter's Guardian Angel
Residence Megaville

Dee Dee is a major character in the story of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. She is the deceased sister of Dexter. Although she doesn't appear much in the comic she has much influence on it. She originates from the Cartoon Network show, Dexter's Laboratory.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Chapter 4

Dee Dee was the older sister of Dexter. She was always very annoying and kept breaking into his secret laboratory. She also had good moments with Dexter, sometimes taking him to a quiet place to discuss things. Ironically, before her death, during a conversation Dee Dee had with Dexter, she requested that he let her go when she dies.

One day she was in Dexter's lab again but suddenly Mandark came in with his Jackbots and started attacking Dexter's lab. One jackbot aimed for Dexter and Dee Dee jumped in front of it and hit her instead of Dexter. Because if this, she was fatally wounded and died shortly afterward. After that, Dee Dee became a spirit. Dexter was planning to bring Dee Dee back by making an android of her body also by using some of her organs so she would be exactly like Dee Dee.

Chapter 6

When Blossom died, Grim was ready to take her with him but Dee Dee asked him to let her stay alive so that Dexter can't lose another close, beloved person. So Grim let Dee Dee revive Blossom and before she did Dee Dee asked Blossom to take care of Dexter until she was back, implying that she may return.

Chapter 10

Dee Dee returned during the fight between Blossom and Buttercup against BellSamantha and GIR. She was there along with Naga trying to convince Grim to do a favor for them to save one of the girls, or else it would put him out of his job. After convincing Grim to grant them the favor, although he still didn't like the idea of it, Naga tries to figure out how it will exactly happen. After the fight she picked up the katana, went over to Blossom and Buttercup and asked them to follow her.

Chapter 11

Dee Dee flew them until they reached the stage. And she said that their sister, Bubbles, was coming any second. Before Dee Dee left, she dictated that the boys have changed.

Chapter 12

For an unknown goal, Dee Dee had convinced Grim to help her to investigate the soul of Samantha. Freeing and seperating her memories, Grim asked Dee Dee if she saw something, reminding her that they had only limited amount of time. Eventually, Dee Dee saw the memory she was looking for and Grim hauled it in, so they could see investigate it. As Dee Dee was wondering if this is the right memory, Grim told her they had to look in order to be find this out. At the end of the memory, they came to the realization that they have to go further back in time.


Dee Dee was a carefree girl with a love for dancing. Although not the brightest, she was very curious but this combined with her legendary clumsiness, often caused trouble for Dexter, as a majority of cases led in the destruction of Dexter's inventions[1][2]. She was however very caring towards him when it mattered[3][4]. She also had a clear perspective on death. She believed that life and death were two concepts that would be off limits for science, a philosphy she shared with Dexter, asking him to promise her he wouldn't experiment with dead[3]. Later, she would sacrifice herself for Dexter, saving his life at the expense of her own[4]. When Blossom was about to die, she interferred, stopped Grim from taking her soul. As stated by the Reaper, he allowed it as she asked it so nice[5]. As a spirit, she does have some anxiety as she is unsure about what she can tell to the living[6] and when reading the soul of Samantha, was rather scared to be messing things up and wasting Grim's Time[7].


She is two to three times taller than Dexter and has peculiar body proportions; a minuscule torso with a large head and gangly limbs, similar to a ballerina's. To complete the ballet look, she wears a pink mallk tutu and ballet shoes, which usually create a "squishy" noise while walking. She sounds like both her parents, has a similar personality and hair color to her father.

After Dee Dee died her appearance changed when she became Dexter's guardian angel, she now wears a white dress and has angel wings. She lets her hair out instead of using her pigtails. Her angel appearance bears much resemblance to her appearance when she is meditating (wearing the same dress and hairstyle).

Powers and abilities

After having become a spirit, Dee Dee came in possession of the several abilities:

  • Death Prevention: Dee Dee has the ability to prevent the reaping of certain souls, by stopping the Grim Reaper, mid-reaping[8]. She is able to convince the Grim Reaper to allow certain people to live[5].
  • Flight: She have a pair of angel-like wing that allow her to fly[8].
  • Intangibility: She can become intangible, allowing her to phase through objects[6].
  • Power Sharing: She is able to share certain abilities with others. This does require touch however[6].
  • Soul Reading: She has shown to be able to read souls but she does require the help of the Grim Reaper in order to do this[7].
  • Superhuman Strength: She is able to lift two persons of roughly her seize, from the ground without any effort[6].
  • Superhuman Speed: She can fly at incredible speed[6].
  • Teleportation: She can teleport herself, appear[9] and disappear[10] when she so desires.


Dee Dee is from the Cartoon Network series, Dexter's Laboratory. She is always irritating her younger brother by breaking inside his lab and make a huge chaos of it. She loves ballet, dolls, ponies, unicorns and generally depicts all the thing young girls care about. In the cartoon she is still alive.


  • A counterpart of Dee Dee, from a different timeline was mentioned by Drax, in Grim Tales: Afterbirth. He reveals to Daniela that in his timeline, he murdered his sister, as she was a nuissance to him. Interestingly, the image of her death is similar to how she died in PPG Doujinshi.
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