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David Stanworth
It s Me
Dave's ID
Name David Stanworth
Alias SnafuDave
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Friends Bleedman, Endling
Occupation(s) Site Maintainer
Residence United States, Earth

David Stanworth, also known under the name "SnafuDave", is the site maintainer of Snafu Comics and Shark Robot. David created three comics by himself which are; Snafu Comics,  TIN the Incompetent Ninja and MyPanda.

David started Snafu Comics in 2001. He started reading webcomics which he found funny and wanted to be the third to make one. He bought a computer from a matress factory that was going out of buissines. A friend of him did HTML on the website and eventually Snafu was created.

Shark Robot is a merchandise site where he sells T-shirts, wallpapers, badges and other things. All his products are related to the webcomics.


  • He likes that he is the boss of Snafu Comics and can do whatever he wants.

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