Cthulu Express
Cthulu Express
Name Cthulu Express
Origin Grim Tales
Type Train
Owner Unknown

Cthulu Express is an object featured in Grim Tales. It belonged to the Blood Council and was used to summon the Underlords.


The Cthulu Express appeared for the first time, when HIM and Ikra and said goodbye to Chi. Creating a vortex in the sky above the City of Aku, the Cthulu Express came through the portal and landed on the train station of Aku's Castle. After the minions of Aku loaded their luggage on the train, HIM and Ikra bordered the train, before it took again, into the sky. 

The next stop appeared to be Castle of Grim, where it created another vortex and landed on the landing stripe, at the entrance of the castle (the mouth). After saying goodbye to her children, Mandy and her husband, Grim boarded the train and the Cthulu continued its journey.


The Cthulu Express' front looks like a steam locomotive with two chimneys and have eight wheels. The front of the train is decorated with image of Cthulu, being a giant octopus. Behind the chimneys a second image of Cthulu. The eyes of these images are glowing light green.The passenger cars are modeled after 19th century passenger cars used in the US, with the main different that every car has three chimneys on the roof. The color palet of the cars is the same as the one of the locomotive. 


The Cthulu Express is a train, that can be used for interdimensional travel. It is able to create portals in the different realms as shown it appearance in the City of Aku. It is believed that the Blood Council uses this train to transport their Underlords, due to it use. 


Cthulu (alternative spelling: Tulu, Cthulhu, Ktulu...) is a fictional deity, found in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Cthulu was an ancient creature that landed on Earth millions of years ago and rested in the fictional city R'Lyeh. He appeared for the first time in a short story: The Call of Cthulhu and later become a pop culture icon.


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