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|'''[[Quick Draw]] '''||||style="background:green;"|Active
|'''[[Quick Draw]] '''||||style="background:green;"|Active
|'''[[Killgore]]'''||||style="background:gray;"|† Deceased

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Darkstar Council
Name Cluster
Origin My Life as a Teenage Robot
Leader Vexus (unofficial)
Notable Members Protoboy
Mighty Orbots
Samantha (deceased)
Battus (deceased)
Nool (deceased)
Kuwagus (deceased)
Commander Destruction (deceased)
Status Active

The Cluster is a race of mostly extraterrestrial robots, who are at war with Earth. They serve as one the major antoganists groups of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. The Clusters are robots that are all minions of Vexus. A strong group of Clusters known as the Darkstar Council came to Earth send by Vexus to accompany Dr. X in his plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. The organization originates from the Nickelodeon show, My Life as a Teenage Robot.


Often the members of the Cluster are designed after insects. For example Kuwagus being a giant beetle, and Nool being a grasshopper. All the minor enemies are also designed after insects. However there are also other robots present in the Cluster who are robots that previously were alone but now are under Vexus control, like Protoboy and Mighty Orbots.

Darkstar Council

The Darkstar Council is a group of powerful Clusters who were send to Black Eden to join Dr. X to accomplish the plan of Dr. X and Vexus. Like many Cluster robots they are designed after insects, with the odd one out being Samantha, who joined the Cluster for yet unknown reasons. She however is the character appearing most. Destruction is the commander of the group, although being the first one to die. Battus is, next to  Samantha, the Cluster who appears most and often takes a leading role. Kuwagus is the biggest of them all and the only one unable to speak. Nool is the smartest of the bunch, and possibly the only one still alive. They invade the Science Fair to plant the bomb of which the explosion will consume the whole Earth.

Known Members

(† = confirmed death)

Name Role Status
VexusQueen/ LeaderActive
DestructionDarkstar Council Commander† Deceased
Samantha Darkstar Council Member† Deceased
Battus Darkstar Council Member† Deceased
Kuwagus Darkstar Council Member† Deceased
Nool Darkstar Council Member† Deceased
Protoboy Active
Mighty Orbots Active
Armed Force Active
Drill Sergeant Active
Quick Draw Active
Killgore† Deceased
RikaSamantha's ReplacementNon-Canon



  • With the exception of Samantha, the Darkstar Council members were designed by Kainsword17.
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